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Basic Fall Lawn Maintenance Tips

Many people breathe a sign of relief when those colder breezes start blowing through their streets – it means summer is gone and so is all of the yard work and lawn maintenance! Sure, they’ll have to rake some leaves occasionally, but the pressure to keep your lawn fresh and green is off at last. However, lawn care experts suggest that a little bit of fall lawn maintenance can actually protect your lawn through the winter months and set you a higher, more successful yard baseline for next summer. Here are a few basic fall lawn maintenance tips to help your lawn survive the cold and frozen months, as well as greet the spring bright, healthy, and ready for sunshine!


Many people drop the fertilizer routine, thinking it isn’t necessary once it cools off because the grass will die or freeze anyway. Not true! A fertilizer late in the season, especially coupled with a winterizing fertilizer component will feed your lawn the nutrients it needs before the cold and throughout the freezing months so it can bounce back faster in the spring.

Weed Control

Did you know you can still get weeds in the winter months? Even below the frost, snow, and ice! You can prevent that now by applying a pre-emptive weed killer to your lawn. This means less work for you when the snow melts!


Now is the best time to punch these tiny holes in your soil to allow for water, air, and nutrients to permeate the soil. Do it now before it gets too cold to be outside, and you’ll be grateful when springtime arrives.

Don’t ignore leaves

It can be tempting to put off raking leaves for one more day when you’ve had a busy week or it’s particularly chilly outside. But leaves promote disease, pests and bacteria. Figure out what your raking, blowing, or mowing plan will be and enlist the help of your family when you are unable to conquer leaves on your own. Leaving them on your lawn can spell devastation for your careful hard work during the warm months.

Mow low for your last cuttings of the season

When you do your last 1-2 mows of the season, cut your grass down as low as you can (never more than 1/3 of the blade, which damages growth). This allows the roots to absorb more moisture and sunlight during the cold months, and less dead area on your lawn.

Pest Control

It’s somehow become a common conception that pests disappear with the warm weather, but actually the colder months can be even more dangerous. Pests look for more accessible food, cover, and warmth. If you leave decaying leaves on your lawn (which we all do from one time to another) or have any gaps in your exterior walls then your property has become a pest paradise. Call a full service pest control company to spray around your yard and home for all kinds of pests to keep your home and yard private and clean. Hawx Pest Control offers honest and affordable pest control for homes and businesses alike – call them today!

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