Mosquitoes In Atlanta Are More Dangerous Than You May Think

July 17, 2020

By Hawx Pest Control

There’s no quicker way to ruin a barbeque than to have swarms of mosquitos infesting the area. Their bites leave itchy red welts, they whine as they buzz around your head, and they seem innumerable. However, did you know that mosquitos are far more than just annoying? They are dangerous. Very dangerous. In fact, mosquitos are considered to be the most dangerous animals on the planet.

That’s why it is so important for you to do everything in your power to limit the number of mosquitos around your property. This means understanding what it is that draws mosquitos to your property and how to remedy these things. With a few simple tips and tricks, you and your family can get back to enjoying your Atlanta yard, worry-free.

what to know about the mosquitos in your area

Mosquitos are fly-like insects that have six long, slender legs, scaled wings, and tube-like mouthparts for feeding. They are black or brown in color and can grow anywhere from 1/8th to ½ an inch in length.

Here in Atlanta, the two most prevalent species of mosquitos are the Asian tiger mosquito and the Culex mosquito. While Asian tiger mosquitos are more active during daylight hours, Culex mosquitos prefer to feed at dusk and dawn. This means you are at risk all day long.

Did you know that it is only the females who feed on humans? That is because they require a certain protein found in blood to produce viable eggs. Male mosquitos, on the other hand, only feed on sugars found in plant nectar and the like. In addition to blood, mosquitos require standing water to lay their eggs upon. Therefore, any area of accumulated water around your property could be a breeding ground for mosquitos.

why mosquitos are dangerous

As previously stated, mosquito bites can be extremely dangerous. This is due to the fact that mosquitos may feed on a variety of hosts. As they do this, they can spread a vast array of bloodborne diseases. These diseases include malaria, West Nile virus, Zika virus, eastern equine encephalitis, yellow fever, and many more. Because of all the potential diseases that mosquitos can transmit, you should do everything in your power to cut down on their numbers around your property.

how to prevent mosquitos both at home and away

While you will never be able to completely eliminate mosquitos from your property, there are steps you can take to make your property less attractive to mosquitos and thus cut down on their numbers. These include:

  • Remove all areas of standing water.
  • Fill in holes and low-lying areas in the yard and driveway.
  • Remove any vessels that may collect rainwater.
  • Clear gutters of any clogs or debris to prevent water buildup.
  • Fix any leaky outdoor pipes or fixtures.
  • Keep the lawn well-trimmed.
  • Trim back any vegetation or bushes around your property.
  • Use screens in both windows and doors.

While these methods will help to protect you from mosquitos while at home, they aren’t going to protect you from them while you’re out in the world. To limit your exposure to mosquitos while not at home, you should:

  • Wear long sleeves and pants to cover exposed skin.
  • Avoid going out during hours of high mosquito activity.
  • Avoid areas where mosquitos may be in abundances such as marshes and wetlands.

the best method for mosquito control

For the best method of mosquito prevention, give the professionals here at Hawx Pest Control a call and ask about our mosquito-prevention program. Our mosquito-prevention program includes:

  • A recurring treatment plan between April and October
  • An initial inspection of your property for areas that may be highly populated by mosquitos
  • Utilizing a backpack fogging machine to treat high-mosquito areas
  • We will even work with you to address areas of standing water should they not contain active wildlife.

Don’t let mosquitos keep you from enjoying your yard. Give us a call today!

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