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It’s not uncommon for people to choose pest control for their homes. You live there, for heaven’s sake! You don’t want ants in the kitchen where you eat, bees in the yard where your kids play, spiders creeping into your basement… it makes sense to have pest control for your home. You can get your home serviced several times a year to keep the pests from returning and give you some peace of mind. Have you ever noticed any pests at your workplace, though?

Pests are often attracted to commercial buildings for a variety of reasons. The doors of commercial buildings are opening and closing hundreds of times a day as employees, deliveries, customers, and other parties enter and exit the building. Most commercial businesses feature plants, trees, and flowers of some sort in the landscaping outside, meaning pests have places to live and retreat. And many workplaces have kitchens or break rooms with food and crumbs that beckon and tempt pests of all kinds.

Commercial buildings are usually owned by a building manager, but that building manager may not be present in the building every day. Often these managers own and manage several different commercial properties, so they aren’t aware of every single square inch of your building – or if there are pests sneaking their way inside. It’s important that pests are kept outside of commercial buildings just like residential buildings, because they pose the same damaging risks.

If you are a commercial property owner, investing in pest control through a reliable company like Hawx Pest Control is the easy and correct decision. Hawx Pest Control will come and assess your commercial property and quote you their expert opinion, service suggestion, and price. You can pay them up front or monthly, schedule your service appointments, and forget about it entirely! They will always follow through on their service appointments, keeping your commercial building pest-free and comfortable. If the employees in your building notice pests at any point after enrolling in Hawx Pest Control services, have them let you know and you can immediately call Hawx Pest Control for an immediate and free touch up service. It’s their guarantee!

If you are simply an employee or business owner in a building plagued by pests, it’s time for you to put in a call to the property manager. Explain the pests you are seeing and the dangers they pose – including structural damage! Encourage them to invest in affordable and stress-free pest control that only requires them to make a phone call. If your building manager can simply call Hawx Pest Control and invest in regular pest control service appointments at your commercial business location, you can completely eliminate the reality of pests in your workplace.

Hawx Pest Control is the right option for your commercial or residential business, because they offer high quality work and a trustworthy service guarantee that will keep your building free from pesky pests, inside and out, no matter what!

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