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Pest Control: Essential to protect Your Kids & Pets?

As it warms up, you and your family will find yourselves outside more often. It’s time for backyard baseball and barbecues, after all. Your yard should be your safe haven and play place during the spring and summer months, providing an area for all members of the family to enjoy. Unfortunately, that area can become a war zone if it’s infiltrated by pests. They might build their homes in the eaves of your roof, burrow into your garden soil, and even creep past the doorway defenses of your home to make themselves comfy in your kitchen or basement. Pests can make the warmer months much trickier – and much less safe. But you don’t have to stand for that.

Almost everyone has a testimony of pest control – at least for bug sprays! A topical bug repellent works great for camping or outdoor activities if you live in an area with lots of insect pests. When it comes to stinging and biting pests like wasps or spiders, you might have tried a long distance spray to kill or deter them from living near your home. Many families use “ant motels” or ant traps to keep the littlest pests from joining them at the dinner table. All of these methods work, but they’re TOO much work if you know what I mean. You have to do everything! You have to buy the products, many of harsh or dangerous chemicals, and apply them yourself, hoping they don’t fall into the hands of children or the mouths of pets.

Hawx Pest Control is one of the top rated pest control companies in the country for a very good reason. They have a sparkling reputation and an ironclad performance history for providing effective pest control for homes in Utah, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, and Illinois. Their track record is strong because they offer the best possible pest control for your home or business.

Hawx Pest Control uses a Bayer’s finest solutions to prevent pests from getting too comfortable on your property. Their technicians will come spray your home and yard, targeting popular nesting areas, and just like that you can be pest free.

You can remove pests from your yard and home while scheduling follow-up appointments quarterly to keep the pests away for good. Hawx Pest Control offers a pest control option that is the best choice for your summer plans!

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