Seven Lies People Have Been Told About Bed Bugs

June 19, 2020

By Hawx Pest Control

Chances are you have heard about bed bugs. The question is, is what you heard true? Many rumors and myths exist and are talked about within social gatherings about these blood-sucking pests. Maybe you have heard bed bugs are microscopic, or that they can get into your home on your pets. Are these whispers true, or are you being tricked? Let’s find out now.

bed bug on a person's skin

lie #1 - bed bugs are too small to see.

Truth – Full-grown bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed. What makes them difficult to identify is not their size, but their ability to hide when their victims are awake. If your home has a bed bug infestation, you can be sure they are around, just not anywhere you can easily see them.

lie #2 - only dirty homes have bed bugs.

Truth – Bed bugs do not care what condition your home is in. All they care about is whether or not there are people around to feed on. Pigsty or spotless, bed bugs are around for a good meal.

lie #3 - bed bugs can only be found in beds.

Truth – Bed bugs were named for the location they most often feed. What might surprise you is that most of the time they are nowhere near a bed. After bed bugs are done feeding they will often leave your bed to find a good place to hide. During thorough inspections, it is not uncommon to find bed bugs and signs of their presence in and around every room of a home.

lie #4 - bed bugs aren’t dangerous

Truth – For many years bed bugs were believed to be no more than nuisance pests. Recently, however, studies have discovered that bed bugs are capable of spreading Chagas disease. In addition to this, severe bed bug infestation can cause insomnia, anemia, and infections (caused by over scratching bites).

lie #5 - bed bugs will go away on their own.

Truth – As long as bed bugs can find a meal in your home, they won’t go anywhere. Some might hitchhike their way to new homes, but the majority will stay and feed to their heart’s content.

lie #6 - bed bugs ride on pets.

Truth – Although bed bugs can feed on your pets, they are unlikely to stay on them when they are awake and walking around. It is infinitely more likely for bed bugs to hide around your pet’s bed, or in their carrying case, than it is for them to try to remain hidden in their fur.

lie #7- you can get rid of bed bugs on your own

Truth – Bed bugs aren’t just great at hiding, they are also built to survive long periods of time without food. If threatened, bed bugs in your home will retreat deep into places you cannot reach and hide until they feel the danger has passed. This reaction often gives false positives for homeowners trying to eliminate bed bugs in their home, only for problems to re-emerge days, weeks, or months later.

The best way to handle a bed bug infestation is to get the professionals involved. At Hawx Pest Control, we know how to handle even the most severe bed bug infestations. With our help, you can be certain that no bed bug will be left to cause you trouble in the future. If you are ready to join our family of satisfied customers, reach out to our team today. We would be happy to discuss your options and find a solution that best suits your individual needs.

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