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Stop the Sting

Summer should be full of snow cones, softball games, swimming, and NO stinging. Unfortunately, the summer season is prime for stinging insects of all kinds. Not only are stinging insects a huge drag on any outdoor gathering – they’re also incredibly dangerous to those with allergies, small children, and pets.

Some stinging insects are actually good for the environment – they prevent other pests and problematic plants and weeds from flourishing. But most of the problematic stinging bugs like hornets, wasps, and yellow jackets are more dangerous and threatening. Their stings can cause pain, swelling, and even fatal allergic reactions. Additionally, stinging insects build homes that can destroy or compromise structures. Most stinging insects live in colonies, meaning they build giant homes that can house thousands of their closest friends. That’s a problem, because it means you’re not dealing with just a few stinging insects in your backyard – you’re dealing with an army of stinging insects in your backyard!

Half a million people visit a hospital or emergency room every year due to insect stings. If you know your family is allergic to stinging insects make sure you invest in some pest control and keep an emergency kit at home to treat anaphylactic shock from sting infections. If you host a lot of backyard get-together’s it is just as important to keep them protected from the tyranny of stinging insects.

Where can you find stinging insects in your yard? Anywhere. The most common places are in the eaves of houses and underneath your gutters. Any wood furniture like dining sets, sheds, or playgrounds will be popular with stinging bugs as well. Be very careful going under a deck or into an attic space. There are also hives in trees and bushes – even underground! You could stumble onto a large hive accidentally, so investing in preventative pest control can reduce chances you and your family from an unwelcome discovery.

One good first step is to seal off any openings, cracks, or holes that are on the surface of your home or furniture to discourage hives from forming. Educate your family about wasp and stinging insect safety – don’t swat, don’t freak out, just slowly get distance and tell mom or dad! You can use insect repellent, but it doesn’t always work for insects bigger than mosquitoes. It may be a good idea to keep a wasp repellent on hand, just in case stinging insects invade a party or gathering in your back yard.

By far the best thing you can do to help keep your family protected from stinging insects is to have an inspection to see if affordable pest control can reduce stinging insects populations. Hawx pest control offers honest and affordable pest control for homes and businesses to keep them pest free. If you see a pest between service appointments you can call them to re-spray free of charge. Call Hawx Pest Control for a sting-free summer!

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