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What is the Best Season & Frequency for Pest Control?

What time of year is the best for you to enlist the services of pest control? How often should they service your home and yard? These questions sometimes prevent people from getting the pest control help they need because they are unsure of the answers and scared that they will be taken advantage of by sketchy companies. There are a lot of pest control companies out there, and many of them might see you as a cash cow. Educate yourself about the best seasons and frequencies for pest control below to ensure that you make the right decision.

The Best Season for Pest Control

Depending on your location there usually comes a particularly bad pest season. For some that can be summertime when there are millions of bees or bugs swarming the backyard when you tried to host a barbecue. For others it might be the wintertime when spiders flood their home and basement. In the face of pests decisions are sometimes a little rash, and they may find that pest control companies take advantage of their desperation OR they may feel that it’s already too late for help.

The good news is that pest control is instantly effective and preventative of pests year round. This means that even if you feel like the “pest season” is winding down, getting pest control is a good idea. It will deter the current pests at the snap of your fingers and prevent the pests that are upcoming in the next seasons. Pest control is appropriate for every season, any time of year.

The Right Frequency

How often should pest control companies service your home and yard? Again, it really depends on your home and yard, your location, and how long you’ve used pest control. The first step is to make sure your pest control consultant and technicians fully assess your home, basement, and yard. Once they know exactly what they are dealing with they can make their best assessment for your property. An honest company like Hawx Pest Control will tell you the appropriate frequency for service appointments without “taking you for a ride.”

If you have questions or concerns about the price or frequency, keep asking questions about your pest control. Sign up for the frequency that feels right to you, taking into account the recommendation from your knowledgeable pest control technician.

Sometimes customers will find that they still have pests on their current pest control plan. It may mean that they pest control technician missed a spot, or that you need to increase your frequency. Haw Pest Control offers a free service if you see a pest anytime between your scheduled service appointments.

Haw Pest Control is a smart, affordable, and honest pest control company – at any time of the year! You may be noticing pests more frequently now that you’re outside enjoying your yard and experiencing pests. Don’t wait! Call Hawx Pest Control to exterminate and protect your home from pesky pests!

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