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It can be tricky to know when it’s the right time to make the move for real, legitimate pest control. Many people avoid it for as long as possible, thinking it’s a scam or expensive or ineffective. Others may think that their pest problem is just seasonal, and that it will soon be gone. Some people are renters, planning on selling their homes soon, or simply in denial that they have any kind of a pest problem at all. For the most part, we find that people generally don’t understand the value of legitimate pest control and they instead favor grocery store or DIY (do-it-yourself) pest control measures. These may work to some extent, but they are poor comparisons to the tested and proven pest control formula used by Hawx Pest Control. When is time to call Hawx?

  • You see dangerous pests like bedbugs, termites, wasps, or other harmful insects. Ants or small spiders may not be particularly harmful or scary, so if you’re seeing these then you might be comfortable with your basic grocery store pest control measures. But if you’re seeing any serious pests? DIY and grocery store options are definitely not strong enough to deal with damaging pests.
  • Family members are allergic to bee stings or have compromised immune systems. If you have any reason to believe that pests can adversely impact the health of your family members you want to turn to professional pest control to help protect health and property. It isn’t just allergic reactions you should be afraid of – many pests carry diseases that may not affect healthy individuals, but can cause serious problems for sick or invalid individuals.
  • If you see a mouse. You may think it’s just a single mouse. You may run to the store and buy a mouse trap or ten. You may catch one mouse and think your problem is solved. The bad news is that where there’s one mouse, there are likely to be more mice. There are probably other holes or tunnels which the mouse found or created, meaning more mice in your future. Call Hawx Pest Control right away.
  • You’re undergoing a remodel, sustain damage, or simply have an older home. Any home that may have exposed or weaker areas will be a safe haven for pests. Remodels leave exposed areas where pests can sneak in. Older or damaged homes may have holes, cracks, or other weak spots where pests are already comfortable and at home.
  • You’re seeing pests inside and outside your home in greater numbers. Where one pest has thrived, more will come. If you’re seeing more and more pests then you are already behind. Call Hawx Pest Control right away for instant pest control help.

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