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About Hawx

HAWX was Established in 2013 by Scott Wilson and Matthew Mehr. The very first year in business we were a small strong crew of less than 20 reps and 1 office. When Scott started, one of his driving motives was knowing that he had a duty and a drive to change the industry. “All these other companies have been doing the same service with the same products since they started. I want to change that!”. As a result, we created a working relationship with one of the Largest companies in the world not so that we could compete, but so that we could create new opportunities.

In 2015, we brought our Mosquito Program to full force which enabled us to create a stronger bubble of protection for all of the HAWX family. In 2016, we broke into the commercial world and took it by storm. Starting with Golf Courses and Churches to now serving Restaurants, Hotels, School Districts and Banks. In 2017, we took it one step further and unleashed our Lawn Care program creating the full spectrum of protection and services you have access to today.

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