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Pests are a problem no one wants to deal with—and with Hawx Pest Control on your side, you don’t have to. Hawx is an industry leader because of our unparalleled expertise, our customized approach, and the state-of-the-art tools we use. Our skilled technicians know how to provide effective and long-lasting solutions that address pest issues so you can regain control over your space.









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Pest Control Services

At Hawx Pest Control, we offer a General Pest Control package as well as a variety of add-on services for specific problems. General Pest Control services (GPC) are subscription-based for ongoing care, inspections, and prevention, and come with quarterly visits to your location. We also have a popular outdoor package that addresses ticks and mosquitoes in particular. 

Add-on services focus on specific pests and are recommended when you have an active infestation. These include pests like fleas, rodents, carpenter ants, fire ants, and more. These services require specialized equipment or processes to properly address these pests.

How much does pest control cost?

Residential pest control is a customized service that begins by determining your specific needs around your home and outdoor spaces. The total costs depend on factors like the severity of any active infestations, the size of your property, the size of your home, and the type of pest treatment provided. Hawx provides a personalized treatment plan that thoroughly addresses your pest problems and outlines the steps we recommend to prevent infestations. 

Our pest control services include a one-time payment which covers the service inspection and treatment, plus a 7-day follow-up service. After the initial treatment, we offer a monthly subscription service fee that focuses on prevention and management to keep your property safe from unwanted pests long-term. Depending on the pest issue, we will create a plan to eliminate the infestation and prevent further problems. For most of our pest services, we offer a warranty. If the pests come back between scheduled visits, we’ll come back at out no additional cost. Call Hawx for more information about your particular needs.

What is pest control?

Pest control is a service that utilizes several methods, practices, and products to remove invasive, destructive, or dangerous pests from your property—both inside and out. While all pest control companies operate slightly differently, a routine pest control service generally includes an inspection, initial pest control treatments, and follow-up appointments after the treatment. 

Hawx Pest Control employs a variety of methods, which include using liquid and granular products as needed, along with some minor excursion work like filling cracks, holes, crevices, and potential entry points in and around your property. In some cases, Hawx also utilizes bait boxes and traps to help address active rodent infestations. 

Our friendly team members give you their professional assessment of the problem, plus a recommendation for complete treatment, management, and prevention. We provide free estimates and have a variety of payment options to find a customized pest plan to fit your needs.

What does pest control do?

Effective pest control methods help make your home unappealing to pests. Residential pest management includes practices and services that use quality products, expert knowledge of pest behavior, and tried-and-true methods to address your pest control issues. The right combination of techniques and products works to deter pests from your property, allowing you to enjoy the peace and security of your home.

How often should I pest control my house?

The general recommendation is to employ pest control methods on a quarterly basis (once every three months). Our general pest control package is a great place to start—this quarterly subscription comes with our professional pest control services and check-ins every 90 days. 

For outdoor pests like mosquitoes and ticks, Hawx offers an outdoor package. This monthly subscription service keeps your backyard safe and comfortable during warmer months so you can enjoy the heat without the pests. 

Add-on services, like those we offer for specific pests, range from one-time services to bi-annual appointments depending on the type of pest and likelihood of reinfestation. Once you know the pests you’re dealing with, Hawx will help you determine the best plan for your home.

Does a clean house keep pests away?

Cleaning your house regularly is a smart preventative measure you can take to help keep pests away. This is especially true in the kitchen or anywhere food crumbs, standing water, and spills accumulate, as food attracts pests of all kinds—from mice to cockroaches to ants and flies. Emptying your trash cans regularly, vacuuming often, and cleaning sinks, bathtubs, and drains to help prevent pests from infesting your home.

What time of year is best for pest control?

The best time to begin preventive residential pest control is in the early spring. Spring is when hibernating or hiding pests emerge and start reproducing; bringing in professional pest control services at the beginning of the season helps prevent infestations before they can take hold. 

Treatment can start at any of time of year, though. No matter when you start, quarterly treatments are key to help ensure your home stays pest-free through every season. 

If you have an active infestation, however, don’t wait. Call Hawx immediately to begin treatments for your pest problem.

How should I prepare for a visit from Hawx?

Preparing your home for a pest control appointment can help you get the best results from your treatment. Here are a few steps to take before your initial inspection appointment:
  • First, take note of where you’ve seen pests in and around your home. Write out for the technicians, so they can pay special attention to the areas you mention.
  • Make sure they have adequate access to the spaces, rooms, and areas you want them to look at.
  • Pull furniture away from walls, remove unnecessary items, and create clear pathways wherever possible.
  • Ensure the conditions are clean and tidy so the technician can find those difficult-to-spot signs of pests more efficiently.

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