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Many types of pests, from rodents to cockroaches, can be found infesting daycare centers, even if you are very careful about keeping your facility spotless. Even the cleanest daycares contain the food, water, cluttered play areas, and hiding places that provide what these critters need to survive. With children and infants playing on the floor and eating on or around where pests thrive, addressing these issues is all the more important. Read on to learn how to keep your daycare center safe from pest infestations.

How to deal with pest infestations in your daycare center

As a daycare center director or owner, you’re responsible for all aspects of your facility, ensuring it’s safe, well-maintained, and clean according to state or local regulations. Seeing insects, rodents, and other pests in a daycare center is not only disturbing for children and their parents, but they’re also capable of spreading disease and biting.

The professionals at Hawx Pest Control are experts at addressing all manner of pest infestations. We customize our treatment plans to meet the specific needs of your facility, especially for daycare centers where the health and well-being of children and their caregivers are top priority. 

What attracts pests to daycare centers?

Pests of all kinds enter structures looking for food, water, and shelter to survive. Daycare centers have all of these ingredients and more within their walls. Here’s how to deal with them:

Food Crumbs, Storage, Spills

Most childcare centers have a kitchen where food is prepared, served, and stored. Even tiny spills or crumbs left on floors, tables, and chairs can be magnets for pests. In addition, toys that aren’t cleaned daily may have food residue from children’s hands, attracting pests to playthings. Cleaning meticulously will help prevent pests from coming in in search for food. In addition, if you keep pets at your daycare center as part of an educational program, the food and water left in their bowls can attract pests into your facility. 

Cluttered Area

Clutter, such as cardboard boxes, stacks of paper, or overloaded closets, is also attractive to critters who feed on these items or use them for shelters. Dispose of unused boxes and try to minimize clutter where rodents or cockroaches could linger and nest.


Garbage bins that aren’t tightly sealed and are located just outside a daycare center can attract pests. Critters can enter the building through cracks, gaps, and open doors or windows. And we hate to say it, but those diaper pails will certainly attract flies if not emptied frequently and cleaned regularly.

Leaks / Area Needing Repairs

Leaky pipes in kitchens and bathrooms bring in pests like cockroaches and rodents that love a place with easy access to water. Watch for any holes in window or door screens that make an easy entry for flying insects. Repair gaps in door or window frames, siding, or foundation where pests can enter.


A daycare center is busy, with people coming and going throughout the day. Parents, delivery workers, teachers, and others can introduce pests to your daycare facility through packages, backpacks, or clothing without even realizing it. Watch out for bed bugs in particular, which can hitch a ride on bags and stuffed animals or blankets brought from home, infesting cots in your daycare where children nap.

Common types of insects and rodents in daycare centers

How to safely treat for pests with children playing on floors

Pest control in daycare centers should involve treatments that won’t be toxic to humans. Children and teachers often get down on all fours to play games, build with blocks, and use playthings on the floor. If insecticide sprays or powders are used on flooring, children might get the residue through their skin. Kids often put their hands in their mouths, further exposing them to diseases, toxins, and allergens. 

Hawx Pest Control for daycare centers understands that children play on floors and put things in their mouths. We never place baits or treatments where children spend their time or can access toxins. Instead, our technicians protect your environment using other effective methods.

Pest Control Services

Hawx Pest Control provides safe, affordable treatments to manage pests in daycare centers. Our highly educated professionals service your facility year-round to address issues with cockroaches, rodents, and other invasive pests. We use an integrated pest management approach and state-of-the-art tools to keep pests away. Call for a free estimate today for critical pest management services at your daycare center.

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