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Summertime is loved for its outdoor activities and backyard barbecues, but it’s also prime time for pesky mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are drawn to spaces where people and pets gather as well as outdoor areas near stagnant water where they lay their eggs. Mosquitoes thrive in warm, humid weather, making them common, unwelcome summer time visitors.

Mosquitoes breed rapidly and emerge from their eggs after only a few weeks. Because of this, if you have stagnant water on your property, your mosquito problem could become unruly overnight.

If you’re spending less time outdoors than you’d like to avoid mosquitoes, read this guide to learn how professional mosquito control services can help.

What is the best pest control method for mosquitoes?

The best mosquito pest treatments include multiple methods that work together to reduce the number of active mosquitoes and treat the areas where they are likely to reproduce.

At Hawx, our outdoor service plan includes an inspection where we identify the outdoor features and property areas that would attract mosquitoes.

Afterwards, we use a backpack mister to treat the lower portions of trees, bushes, tall grasses, other foliage, and shaded areas of the home where mosquitoes may land. Finally, we apply a product to any bodies of stagnant water that can’t be removed to stop mosquito larvae from becoming adults. This helps reduce the number of mosquitoes in your yard and prevents them from using the water for reproduction, ultimately making your yard a more pleasant place to be.

How does mosquito treatment work?

Our mosquito pest control treatments work together. The blower treatment product we use at Hawx coats the leaves where mosquitos rest during the day. This liquid product also sticks to the plants throughout your yard. The product we apply to standing water prevents the breeding process. By treating the areas where mosquitoes land and breed, we’re reducing the number of mosquitoes you’ll see in your yard.

These treatments do need to be repeated regularly to effectively keep mosquitoes away.

How much does professional mosquito service cost?

The total cost depends on factors like the size of your yard. At Hawx Pest Control, after determining your particular needs, we create a personalized mosquito pest control service plan that thoroughly addresses your mosquito problem.

Our outside pest control service, which covers mosquitoes and ticks, includes a one-time payment for the initial inspection and treatment followed by an ongoing monthly treatment through the service season.

Can Hawx pest control help me get rid of mosquitoes?

Absolutely! Hawx Pest Control service professionals have a thorough understanding of mosquito behavior, making us the leaders in mosquito pest control. Our outdoor service package includes comprehensive residential mosquito control, allowing Hawx customers to reclaim their outdoor spaces. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Get $150 Off Mosquito Service


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