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Retail store pest control can make or break a storefront. Unwanted pests can cause an unpleasant and unhealthy shopping experience for customers and prevent them from returning. Severe pest problems can even cause stores to shut down temporarily or permanently. Dark stockrooms, packed shelving, and merchandise racks provide the shelter many pests are searching for, while the breakroom food and glue in cardboard boxes can be food sources. From rodents to cockroaches and everything in between, stores can become a breeding ground for unwanted pests.

While retail pest control is always specific to location and venue, a basic understanding of your store will set you up for success. Keep your shop fresh, clean, and shoppable by following these retail store pest control tips in this comprehensive guide. Depending on your pest prevention needs, Hawx Pest Control can provide you with a customized plan to suit your commercial pest control needs.

What attracts pests to my retail store?

Finding pests in workplaces, shops, and stores become more than just a nuisance, with their unfortunate habit of carrying diseases, filth, and an unpleasant environment. Here are some of the more common pests you might see, along with what attracts them to your store.


Rodents make their homes in soft, warm, dark places, putting storerooms, high display shelves with fabrics or cardboard, and stacked boxes at risk.


Cockroaches can eat nearly anything, including the glue in cardboard boxes. Due to their stealthy nature and quick breeding, it can be difficult to remove cockroaches from retail spaces once they’ve moved in. Their oval bodies slip easily through tiny cracks and crevices, allowing them to survive undetected.

Front Door

Keeping the front door open to let in the fresh air and welcome in customers? You may see flies and mosquitoes making their way in, too. Attracted to people and, in the case of flies, their food, they’re a nuisance that damages your customer’s positive experience in your store and can spread illness.

Bed Bugs

While you may think bed bugs are reserved for beds and homes, they can live in any space with fabric, seams, and hidden areas or compartments, especially if you operate a thrift store where donated (and potentially contaminated) items are coming in.

How do I keep pests out of my shop?

Stopping pests at the door is the best way to keep them at bay. Inspecting your incoming products and packages before bringing them into your facility helps to address the possibility of traveling insects or rodents making their way into your shop. Look for dead pests, droppings, or pest damage to your products. 
Keeping your stockroom and storage spaces clean from crumbs, spills, and discarded boxes can make your space less attractive to pests. And keeping spaces organized makes it easy to spot damage or signs of pests. 
In addition, train your employees to look for the first signs of damage and prevent pests in your retail store. Educate staff on a standardized protocol if they spot telltale signs of pests. 
Finally, partner with Hawx Pest Control to create a preventative plan that keeps your store fully shoppable year after year.

Pest Control Services

Finding reliable retail pest control near you can be a time-consuming task. Hawx Pest Control uses proven methods, premium products, and top-tier technicians to create an unparalleled prevention plan for pest control in your retail store. Our team focuses on inspection, targeting, and barrier creation to help you find a permanent solution to any pest problem you face. 
Our fierce commitment to the highest quality standards leads to a more reliable outcome that addresses your current trouble and prevents future issues. Partner with Hawx and breathe a sigh of relief, knowing your pest control needs have finally been met.

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