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Wasps and hornets can be a nuisance around your home, raising concerns about stings. The good news is that with professional pest control for wasps and hornets, you can address infestations and enjoy your yard and outdoor living spaces with less worry.

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What is the best pest control method for wasps and hornets?

The best method for wasp and hornet pest control is one tailored to the unique characteristics of your property. With Hawx, our service professionals will check the location of any nests you’ve found, and then thoroughly inspect the perimeter of your home, looking for any additional nests or gaps where hornets and wasps could get inside.

After an inspection, service professionals can proceed with wasp and hornet removal, safely removing and eliminating any nests. The area or areas where nests were located will typically be treated first prior to the nest being removed.

Next, service professionals will treat other potential nesting sites for hornets and wasps and any trouble areas where the pests may find entry points into your home. Depending on the location of these sites.

How does wasp and hornet treatment work?

Wasp and hornet pest control works by targeting current nesting sites, potential nesting sites, and entry points in a home.

Although you can buy DIY wasp and hornet control products, you will not likely get the same results as you would with professional services (and you might risk getting stung!). Licensed pest control service professionals know how to safely remove nests and locate potential problem areas you may miss with do-it-yourself treatment.

How much does professional wasp and hornet treatment cost?

The cost for wasp or hornet services depends on a variety of factors, including the size of your property and the location of the nest. Regardless of the pest control wasp removal cost, service professionals should be able to clearly explain what work was done so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Can Hawx Pest Control help me get rid of wasps and hornets?

Hawx Pest Control is ready to assist with your wasp or hornet problem. Our knowledgeable service professionals can thoroughly inspect your home and develop a treatment plan geared toward your specific needs. With our mobile app, you’ll receive a service report that provides a detailed explanation of everything we did to treat hornets and wasps. You can even see pictures of our service professionals performing the steps for complete transparency.

Get $150 Off Wasp & Hornet Service

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