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Hawx Pest Control makes sure your home is a place where you’re at ease without the annoyance or threat of unwelcome critters. Our Phoenix pest control teams use top-quality products and the most innovative tools and technologies to address any infestation, no matter the size.

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Hawx Pest Control operates in more than 36 neighborhoods throughout greater Phoenix—from Phoenix to El Mirage to Rio Verde to Barchule and more. 

Our Phoenix Pest Control Pros Can Take Care of All Types of Pests, Including:

Ants Cockroaches Rats Rodents Termites Spiders Wasps & Hornets Wood Destroying Insects Mice Ticks Bed Bugs Mosquitoes Hornets

Home of the free re-service

At Hawx Pest Control, we stand behind the quality of our work and always go the extra mile to ensure your property receives the maximum level of protection against pests. If pest problems pop up in between your regularly scheduled appointments, we will provide an additional service at absolutely no cost to you!

Common pests in the Phoenix region

Our city is a hot spot for different kinds of pests all throughout the year. Termites are active insects that often infest Phoenix area homes. They create huge underground colonies that cause destruction when they surface through wood above-ground. Matthew Wydra, a professional Hawx team member, states that, “Termites come out after the rainy season, making September through October big times for termites in our area.”

In this area, ants are prevalent, especially fire ants, which deliver painful bites to humans and pets and often set up colonies right in residential areas. 

Spiders are also abundant in the Phoenix area, although most are harmless in your home. A bite from a brown recluse spider, black widow or tarantula, however, will require quick medical attention.

How weather conditions affect Phoenix pest control issues

Scorpions are one of the most dreaded pests we see in Arizona. Since scorpions don’t like the extreme heat, you may see them trying to come inside your home or business during the summer months. 

The monsoon season from June to September brings termites out, meaning that October is usually a very active time for termite calls. As for rodents who are seeking food and shelter, the winter months are when you’ll see more activity from rats and mice.

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Home pest control solutions in Phoenix

We like to think of our homes as places where peace and relaxation are a priority. This is why Hawx Pest Control works so hard to protect your home against pests, both indoors and out. Whether an existing infestation is troubling you or you’d like to prevent pests from becoming a problem in the future, Hawx Pest Control in Phoenix has you covered. From termites to cockroaches to ants to scorpions and more, our Phoenix pest control team can often visit the same day you call.

Protect your home year round

Because pests can slip into your Phoenix home at any given time, it’s best to ensure your property is protected throughout the year. Your pest protection needs are dependent on your property and your particular area, which is why Hawx Pest Control offers different types of pest control plans and treatments suited to your needs.

*Note: Free re-services will be provided should pests return between scheduled visits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We’re here to help

The Hawx general service plan covers with four different layers of treatment covers most pest issues. On the initial service your Hawx service professional will inspect and identify any customizations that will be needed to effectively treat and protect your home for pests. Hawx also offers a number of specific pest issues in addition to our general service plan.
Hawx Smart Pest Control’s services are designed with your family and pets in mind. Our service professionals go through extensive training to ensure that all treatments are performed in accordance with the product’s labeling. Your service professional may recommend extra steps depending on your specific needs and treatments. Please be sure to ask any specific questions to your service professional.
We have locations throughout the country, but we have branch managers and technicians that live and work in the communities we serve and provide a local service experience. Our branches and technicians are backed by industry leading technology and professionals that design a better pest management service.
Hawx Smart Pest Control has developed an exclusive service report that describes the treatments performed, the products used, the service professionals notes, and pictures from the service. This service report is provided for every service performed. This ensures that you know that service was performed and what, if any, pest issues were found during treatment.
As a Hawx Smart Pest Control customer, you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that if pest issues arise in between scheduled treatments Hawx will come back out and treat the issue at no additional cost.
Hawx is committed to providing customers with the best pest control experience. Hawx has created its own digital service report to help customers be informed of the treatments performed at their home. Hawx is also committed to sustainable pest control solutions. Hawx is leading the industry in green initiative include having a hybrid fleet of service vehicles. Hawx has also partnered with One Tree Planted to plant one tree in for each new customer to Hawx.

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