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A Guide to Flea Pest Control

An extreme close-up of a flea and some flea eggs on wiry white fur.

Fleas are some of the smallest and most bothersome unwanted house guests, causing stress, discomfort, and unsanitary conditions in your home. These blood-sucking insects feed on warm blood and are experts at hiding in fur, making your pets their number one food source. Fleas are extremely difficult to detect, thanks to their 2- to 4-mm size and dark color. This also means they’re a particularly pesky household pest to manage. 

If you suspect you’re dealing with a flea infestation in your home or on your pets, Hawx Pest Control is ready to help. Hawx professionals know how to restore your sense of peace and safety by providing unparalleled professional flea removal.

Get help with your flea problems by calling the flea control pros at Hawx Pest Control! Dial (888) 372-9514 today.

How does flea treatment work?

Hawx professionals know the source of any flea problem is the outside. Our flea pest control services assess and treat your home’s indoor and outdoor spaces to ensure fleas are removed from your home and yard. For an indoor infestation, we use a topical product applied to the floors of your home. Outdoors, we apply a treatment around the border of your property, paying particular attention to structures and other unique features in your yard. This pest control flea treatment stops fleas from hiding in the grass, structures like sheds, patio sets, and outdoor storage, and other areas in your yard.

What is the best pest control method for fleas?

The best pest control focuses on preventing them from accessing your home in order to feed and reproduce. You take care of the flea prevention steps recommended by your veterinarian, and we will take care of treating the exterior and interior of your home. Cutting off any household pests’ ability to grow their colony lessens their impact and makes complete removal easier. That’s why the best flea control service includes indoor and outdoor treatments as well as ongoing treatments after the initial issues are addressed. These regular inspections and treatments are the best preventative pest control strategy for fleas in your yard and inside your home.

How much does professional flea treatment cost?

The total cost of flea pest control varies based on individual needs and property size. This price is determined in the preliminary estimate after a visit to your home. Following the first treatment process, you can opt for ongoing flea prevention and treatment, keeping your home and pets comfortable and peaceful. Hawx Pest Control offers comprehensive coverage for your entire property, indoors and outdoors, among our available services.

Can Hawx Pest Control help me get rid of fleas?

Yes, we can! The experts at Hawx have a deep understanding of flea behavior, making us the undisputed leaders in pest control for fleas in your house and around your property. Our General Pest Control services provide protection and management for a wide range of common household pests with an optional service that specifically addresses fleas. We use multiple flea control methods that eliminate active fleas and work to prevent future infestations. Our GPC package is a smart way to keep every corner of your home pest-free for the long term. Call us today for your free estimate.

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