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Summertime is full of reasons to spend more time outdoors, enjoying your backyard, patio, and garden. Unfortunately, the season also comes with increased pest activity, including ticks. Ticks hide in your long grasses, shrubs, bushes, and other greenery, waiting for a new host to walk by. While it’s more common to encounter ticks in heavily wooded areas, the right conditions can make them show up in your yard as well.

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Can Hawx Pest Control help me get rid of ticks?

Absolutely! The experts at Hawx understand tick behavior, making them the undisputed leader in pest control for ticks. 

Our Outdoor Package is a seasonal service that allows Hawx customers to reclaim their yards. We use multiple tick control services and methods that don’t just focus on eliminating active ticks but preventing their reproduction. Our Outdoor Package helps you restore peace to your yard in the warm months when ticks are most active.

How does Hawx Pest Control treat for ticks?

After a thorough inspection, Hawx experts use a backpack mister to treat tall grasses and foliage where ticks are likely to attach to humans or pets, like dense foliage near the edges of lawns. We also spread a granule product which helps eliminate dormant ticks. 

Once we’ve completed the treatment process, our team makes recommendations to help minimize tick activity. This step is vital to successful pest management, allowing you to naturally reduce tick activity in your yard.

How does tick treatment work?

The liquid product we spray sticks to the plants in your yard and eliminates any pests climbing on them searching for a new host. The granule product we use eliminates ticks in places they typically hide before they start searching for a new host.

How much does professional tick treatment cost?

At Hawx Pest Control, local tick control is part of our Outdoor Mosquito and Tick Prevention Package. The total cost of your outdoor tick control treatment will depend on factors determined in the initial visit to your home. Following an initial charge, there is a recurring monthly fee for the tick and mosquito season to keep your yard comfortable and enjoyable all summer. Call us today for a free estimate and start enjoying your outdoor spaces again.

Get $150 Off Tick Service

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