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Restaurant owners and managers know how important it is to keep their restaurants clean and free from pests and vermin. Not only do pests annoy and frighten patrons, they can spread organisms that can cause disease, and bring consequences from regulatory inspections.

If your restaurant is experiencing a pest problem or if you don’t have preventive pest control plan in place, reach out to Hawx to discuss your location’s needs.

What attracts pests in restaurants?

Restaurants are full of delicious food that you and your staff lovingly make. Unfortunately, your human guests aren’t the only ones who flock to your restaurant for tasty treats. There are several hotspots for pests in restaurants. Here are some of the main areas they’ll be attracted to:


Nearly everything in your kitchen will attract pests. Fruit, sugars, and meat, in particular, need to be diligently sealed and cleaned up to avoid bringing pests running.


Pests like flies and cockroaches use sugary liquids for energy. This means that your bar is a prime location for critters to thrive.

Garbage Area

Keeping the garbage bins inside your restaurant and outdoor garbage dumpsters as clean as possible will help reduce the chance of a pest infestation.


If you’re puzzled because your restaurant is spotless, but you’re still seeing pests like flies and cockroaches, your drains may be the culprit. Unseen buildup inside your sink and floor drains can attract pests and may be difficult to clean.

Other Pests

Flies and cockroaches are attracted to the egg casings, cast skins, and excreta from other insects, making it essential to clean up any signs of pests, even if they’re already gone.

How to deal with pests in restaurants

In the restaurant setting in particular, you may see signs of rats or mice, which can nest and feed in your structure; German cockroaches, which usually arrive via food deliveries, guests or employees, can live in drains and pipes; ants, which are attracted to all types of foods and garbage; or flies, which are prone to laying eggs in dumpsters, infesting drains, or generally haunting your patrons.

Where to clean to avoid pest infestations

Pest Control Services

Hawx uses proven methods, friendly service professionals, and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure high quality results and commercial pest control solutions. We address any current infestations you’re experiencing and offer regular inspection and treatment plans to help prevent future problems. If the pests come back between treatments, so will we—free of charge.

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