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Eliminate pests and save big! with Hawx Pest Control. Get $150 off your first service using code NC150 at checkout.

Limited Time Offer

Eliminate pests and save big! with Hawx Pest Control. Get $150 off your first service using code NC150 at checkout.

Greensboro Pest Control

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The Most Effective Pest Control Greensboro NC Has To Offer

In Greensboro, NC, the pest situation can vary depending on factors such as climate, geography, and urbanization. Common pests in the area include ants, cockroaches, spiders, mosquitoes, and rodents, all of which can pose significant challenges to homeowners.

With hot and humid summers and mild winters, Greensboro provides an ideal environment for pests to thrive year-round, making proactive pest control measures essential for maintaining a pest-free home.

That’s where our General Pest Control Subscription comes in. We offer the highly effective pest control Greensboro NC homeowners can rely on for comprehensive protection against a wide range of common pests. From initial inspections to ongoing treatments, our experienced exterminators will work diligently to keep your home free from unwanted intruders.

By investing in our General Pest Control subscription, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home is protected against pests year-round. With flexible scheduling options and personalized treatment plans, we ensure that our services meet your specific needs and budget. Pests will only take over your home if you let them – trust Hawx Pest Control to provide the effective and reliable pest control Greensboro NC residents have enjoyed for years on end.

Our Treatment Process

Our Pest Control Pros Can Take Care of All Types of Pests

Searching For Reliable Greensboro Pest Control Services? We Got You Covered

Our indoor services at Hawx Pest Control are designed to ensure your home remains a comfortable and pest-free environment for you and your family.

While our primary focus is on preventing pests from entering your home in the first place through our comprehensive exterior treatments, we understand that sometimes pests can still find their way indoors. That’s why we offer interior services to address any pest issues that may arise inside your home.

Our skilled Greensboro pest control technicians are equipped with the knowledge and tools to effectively treat indoor pest problems while prioritizing the safety of your family and pets. Whether you’re dealing with ants in the kitchen, spiders in the basement, or rodents in the attic, we have the expertise to eliminate pests and provide long-lasting solutions. Our indoor services include targeted treatments, crack and crevice applications, and baiting techniques to effectively control pests while minimizing disruption to your daily life. Additionally, our exterminators in Greensboro NC offer De-webbing Services to remove unsightly spider webs and nests from indoor areas, ensuring a clean and pest-free living space.

With our interior Greensboro pest control services, you can trust that your home is in good hands. Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind knowing that your indoor spaces are protected from pests, allowing you to focus on enjoying your home to the fullest.

Services for a Healthy Home








Wasps, Hornets & Bees

Wood Destroying Insects

Bed Bugs








Wasps, Hornets & Bees

Wood Destroying Insects

Bed Bugs

We Are One Of The Best Pest Control Companies Greensboro NC Is Home To

At Hawx Pest Control, our outdoor services are designed to create a protective barrier around your home, keeping pests at bay and ensuring your outdoor spaces remain enjoyable and pest-free.

Our skilled technicians are trained to identify and address potential pest entry points and harborage areas outside your home, implementing targeted treatments to eliminate pests and prevent future infestations.

We are one of the top  pest control companies Greensboro NC is home to that offers outdoor services encompassing a variety of treatments and techniques tailored to your specific needs and the unique characteristics of your property. This may include Foundation Treatments to create a barrier of protection around the perimeter of your home, Crack & Crevice Treatments to seal off potential entry points, and Extended Barrier Treatments to target vulnerable areas identified during inspections. Additionally, we are also one of the many pest control companies Greensboro NC locals rely on to offer Yard Treatments that address pest vulnerabilities in outdoor spaces such as flower beds, tree bases, and lawn areas. By targeting these areas with granular treatments, we can effectively control pests and reduce their presence in your yard, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor spaces without the nuisance of pests.

With our exterior services, you can trust that your home and property are in good hands. Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive pest control solutions that address both indoor and outdoor pest issues, ensuring that your entire property remains pest-free year-round. Let us help you reclaim your outdoor spaces and enjoy your home to the fullest with our expert outdoor pest control services.

Hawx Pest Control

No job is too big or too small

While any pest infestation is undoubtedly an unpleasant experience, there’s no need to panic. The professionals at Hawx know exactly what needs to be done to address your pest problems—from ants in the summer to spiders during the colder months. Our highly trained Greensboro pest removal technicians use top-quality products and state-of-the-art tools and technology to address these infestations. 

Areas We Serve

Hawx serves 50 communities in the Greensboro, NC region, which means there’s no reason for mosquitoes, termites, or fire ants to have free reign on your property. If you live in Greensboro, there’s a local Hawx professional who’s ready to help you get the pests under control.

Our Pest Control Pros Can Take Care of All Types of Pests, Including:

Ants Bed Bugs Bees Carpenter Ants Cockroaches Fleas Mosquitoes Rodents Mice Rats Spiders Termites Ticks Wasps and Hornets Wood Destroying Insects

Upgrade Your Pest Control In Greensboro NC With Our Special Add-on Services

At Hawx Pest Control, we offer a range of Add-on Services to complement our General Pest Control subscription, providing comprehensive pest management solutions tailored to your specific needs.

These Add-on Services target specific pests or address unique pest control challenges that may not be covered by our standard subscription plan. One of our popular Add-on Services is Termite Protection, which provides targeted treatments to prevent and eliminate termite infestations in your home. Our skilled exterminators in Greensboro NC use advanced techniques and products to create a barrier of protection around your property, ensuring that termites are unable to access and damage your home’s structure. Our approach to pest control in Greensboro NC also includes Add-on Services for specialty pests such as bed bugs, fleas, and ticks, which may require specialized treatments to effectively control. Our technicians are trained to identify and address these pests using proven methods and products, ensuring thorough and lasting results.

Additionally, we provide Add-on Services for wildlife management, including trapping and removal of nuisance animals such as raccoons, squirrels, and opossums. Our humane and environmentally responsible approach to pest control in Greensboro NC covers wildlife management that ensures the safety of both the animals and your property.

Home of the Free Re-service

At Hawx Pest Control, we stand behind the quality of our work and always go the extra mile to ensure your property receives the maximum level of protection against pests. If pest problems pop up in between your regularly scheduled appointments, we will provide an additional service at absolutely no cost to you!

We Are The Exterminator Greensboro NC Homeowners Rely On

At Hawx Pest Control, our exterminators are known for their exceptional professionalism, efficiency, and consideration for your home and family. We understand that pest control can be disruptive, which is why we have the best exterminators Greensboro NC folks trust to work swiftly and discreetly to minimize any inconvenience to you and your household. Whether it’s treating indoor or outdoor spaces, our exterminators prioritize your comfort and safety every step of the way.

You need the exterminator Greensboro NC residents swear by to take great care and to ensure that your treatments are applied with precision and consideration for your family’s well-being. We exclusively use safe and environmentally friendly products that are carefully selected to effectively control pests while posing minimal risk to you, your children, your beloved pets, and the environment.

We ensure we always have the most efficient exterminators Greensboro NC has to offer to keep your treatments gentle yet powerful, providing thorough pest control without compromising the health and safety of your loved ones.

Furthermore, our team undergoes extensive training to handle pest control with expertise and professionalism. With Hawx Pest Control, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home is in capable hands and that our considerate and fast-acting exterminators will deliver effective pest control services while respecting your space and lifestyle.

The weather and high humidity in Greensboro are known for attracting bugs to backyards, basements, kitchens, and bathrooms. While the weather might be out of our control, thankfully the pests aren’t. Hawx Pest Control professionals can root out the source of your infestation and handle it — fast. Whether you’ve got rodents like mice and rats or cockroaches that have found their way into your home, rest assured that Hawx is here for you. 

To get the most out of your pest control treatments, we recommend: 

  • Eliminate standing water in and around your home 
  • Seal up cracks in your home or foundation
  • Keep cupboards clean and free from clutter
  • Store food in closed containers

While these habits are only part of the solution, they’re a big part of keeping your Greensboro home looking its best. But if you find yourself in need of professional help, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for exceptional service for all of your pest control problems.

Greensboro North Carolina skyline

Home Pest Control Solutions in Greensboro

Your home is your sanctuary — and the trained technicians at Hawx are dedicated to keeping it that way. We address current infestations and provide services to prevent pests from entering your home in the future. No matter the size of the infestation or what type of pest you’re dealing with, Hawx in Greensboro has you covered. 

The Only Greensboro Exterminator You Will Ever Have To Call

A good reason to hire our Greensboro exterminator is this; allowing a pest infestation to fester, even in a property or house you don’t frequently use, can lead to significant financial and health repercussions. Pests like termites, rodents, and cockroaches can cause extensive structural damage, resulting in costly repairs and diminished property value.

Moreover, pests carry harmful bacteria and allergens that can pose health risks to anyone who comes into contact. By hiring a quality Greensboro exterminator, you can address the infestation promptly, as the longer it persists, the more challenging and expensive it becomes to eradicate. Investing in proactive pest control measures now can save you from costly repairs and health issues down the line.

Tech Driven

Our state of the art pest control services provide the customer a fully transparent and dependable experience. You will be provided with a report following your appointment informing you on all the services that were provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We’re here to help

The Hawx general service plan is a quarterly subscription that covers several layers of protection in and around your home, over four treatment zones, in order to address most pest issues, including most ants, centipedes, millipedes, spiders, silverfish, wasps, and more. Our Quarterly Subscription General Pest Control (GPC) is the most common Service Plan we offer. On the initial service visit, your Hawx service professional will inspect and identify any existing pest issues and recommend any customized treatments that will be needed. 
In addition to our general service plan, Hawx also offers a number of service plans specific to certain pests, in the event you’re experiencing more unusual infestations not covered by the General Service Plan. This could be termites, bed bugs, fleas, outdoor pests (mosquitoes & ticks), and more.
Most of our service plans are subscriptions or recur, to make sure any pests that reappear will be treated regularly. Contact us for more information about our treatment plan options!

Hawx Smart Pest Control’s services are designed with your family and pets in mind. Our service professionals go through extensive training to ensure that all treatments are performed in accordance with the product’s labeling. Your service professional may recommend extra steps depending on your specific needs and treatments. Please be sure to ask any specific questions to your service professional.

Yes, Hawx Pest Control has locations throughout the country and our branch managers and technicians live and work in the communities we serve, providing you with local expertise. Our regional branches are backed by industry-leading technology and a national team of experts who have carefully designed Hawx services to meet your individual residential or commercial needs.

Hawx Smart Pest Control has developed an exclusive service report that is sent to you, describing the pest issues we found, the treatments we performed, the products we used, the service professional’s notes, and pictures from the service. This service report is provided for every service performed. 

As a Hawx Smart Pest Control customer, you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that if pest issues arise in between scheduled treatments, Hawx will come back and treat the issue at no additional cost.

Smart Pest Control means operating at a high level to serve our customers and the environment with care. Hawx is committed to providing customers with the best pest control experience, so we have created our own digital service report to help customers stay informed of the services performed at their property. Hawx is also committed to sustainable pest control solutions. Hawx is leading the industry in green initiatives, including operating a fleet of hybrid service vehicles and partnering with One Tree Planted—where one tree is planted for each new customer to Hawx.

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