Limited Time Offer

Eliminate pests and save big with Hawx Pest Control. Get $150 off your first service using code FL150 at checkout.

Limited Time Offer

Eliminate pests and save big with Hawx Pest Control. Get $150 off your first service using code FL150 at checkout.

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The Experts In Pest Control Fort Lauderdale FL Residents Depend On

Our general pest control program is the most common standalone service chosen by our customers due to its effectiveness in treating various types of pests found across the area. Customers also have the option to choose add-on services to complement their standalone service plans, however, it is essential to note that add-on services can only be added to a standalone service plan.

By offering a combination of standalone and add-on services, our team can provide the most comprehensive pest control Fort Lauderdale FL has to offer. Whether customers opt for a comprehensive standalone service plan or enhance their existing plan with add-on services, our  team is dedicated to delivering effective and ongoing solutions in pest control Fort Lauderdale FL residents desire to ensure a pest-free environment.

Our general pest control service begins with the initial service, which is the first step we take for new subscribers. This service focuses on conducting a comprehensive inspection and establishing effective communication with the customer. Our experienced team prioritizes the inspection process during the initial service, making us the most dependable exterminator Fort Lauderdale FL folks could ask for. We carefully examine the property, indoor and outdoor, to identify any existing pest issues, potential problem areas, and entry points. This thorough inspection allows us to understand the pest situation and develop a tailored treatment plan.

Communication plays a vital role in our service. We are the reliable exterminators Fort Lauderdale FL residents count on because we believe in building trust and providing transparency to our customers. Before proceeding with any treatment, we engage in open and detailed communication with the customer where we share the inspection findings, explain the specific services we will provide, and address any concerns or questions the customer may have. When you want the best exterminator Fort Lauderdale FL locals could ask for, in your corner, call Hawx Pest Control. You can expect a personalized approach, quality service, and peace of mind in keeping your property pest-free.

Our Treatment Process

Our Pest Control Pros Can Take Care of All Types of Pests

Exceptional Fort Lauderdale Pest Control Services

At Hawx Pest Control, we stand behind the effectiveness of our general pest control service with a comprehensive service warranty. Our service warranty gives customers peace of mind knowing that if they happen to see pests return between their regular service visits, they can simply give us a call to schedule a warranty service to address the specific areas or issues identified by the customer.

Whether it’s a new pest sighting or a reoccurrence of a previous problem, our technicians will take care of it right away. Our job isn’t about providing a one-time Fort Lauderdale pest control service, but rather delivering ongoing protection and support because we strive to exceed expectations by offering reliable and effective solutions for pest control. Our service warranty slogan reflects our dedication to customer service: “Whenever pests crawl, customers can give us a call.” With Hawx Pest Control, you can trust in our service and rest assured that we will go above and beyond to keep your property free from pests. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities, so get in touch with our Fort Lauderdale pest control team to learn more!

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Wasps, Hornets & Bees

Wood Destroying Insects

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We Provide The Effective Pest Control Ft Lauderdale FL Residents Search For

Ticks and mosquitoes are common pests that pose significant dangers to humans and animals. Recognizing the signs of infestations is crucial to take appropriate measures to control and eliminate these pests, so here are the signs you should get an evaluation for quality pest control Ft Lauderdale FL locals can depend on:

  • Signs of Tick Infestation
    • Tick Bites: Finding ticks attached to your skin or the skin of your pets is a clear indication of their presence.
    • Tick Nests: Ticks create nests in humid and secluded areas, such as leaf piles, tall grass, or brush.
  • Dangers of Tick Infestation:
    • Tick-Borne Diseases: Ticks are notorious for transmitting diseases like Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and tick-borne encephalitis, which can cause severe illness in humans and animals.
    • Allergic Reactions: Some individuals may develop allergic reactions to tick bites, leading to symptoms like itching, rashes, swelling, or even anaphylaxis in rare cases.
  • Signs of Mosquito Infestation:
    • Mosquito Bites: Frequent mosquito bites on exposed skin are a clear indication of their presence.
    • Mosquito Breeding Sites: Standing water sources, such as puddles, stagnant ponds, flower pots, or clogged gutters, serve as breeding grounds for mosquitoes.
    • Mosquito Swarms: Large numbers of mosquitoes hovering around your property, especially during dawn and dusk, indicate a potential infestation.
  • Dangers of Mosquito Infestation:
    • Vector-Borne Diseases: Mosquitoes are carriers of diseases like malaria, dengue fever, Zika virus, West Nile virus, and chikungunya, which can cause serious health complications in humans.
    • Disruption of Outdoor Activities: Mosquitoes can make outdoor activities unpleasant and uncomfortable, affecting your ability to enjoy outdoor spaces.

To effectively address tick and mosquito infestations and mitigate the associated dangers, it is essential to seek our professional tick and mosquito treatment services. We are the experts in pest control Ft Lauderdale FL homeowners trust, and we can implement targeted treatments, eliminate breeding sites, and provide preventive measures to protect against these pests.

Hawx Pest Control

No Job is Too Big or Too Small

No matter what your infestation issue is, we have the tools and experience to get your home cleared of any unwanted visitors. It’s easy to feel concerned in the heat of the moment— seeing termites or cockroaches scuttling around your property can be alarming. Hawx is ready for any issues you experience, and we’ve got state-of-the-art tools and methods to help stop infestations and prevent them from happening in the future.

Areas We Serve

Hawx proudly serves 34 neighborhoods in the Fort Lauderdale area, and because we live here, too, we’ve seen and experienced all the beauty — and bugs — that Fort Lauderdale has to offer. You can trust that we’ll leave no pest issue unattended.

Our Pest Control Pros Can Take Care of All Types of Pests, Including:

Ants Bed Bugs Bees Carpenter Ants Cockroaches Fleas Mosquitoes Rodents Mice Rats Spiders Termites Ticks Wasps and Hornets Wood Destroying Insects

We Are The Experts In Ft Lauderdale Pest Control People Trust, That Successfully Eliminates Termites

Termite infestations can be a significant threat to the structural integrity of homes and buildings.

Detecting the signs of a termite infestation early is crucial to minimize damage and seek professional help. Here are the signs to watch out for and the dangers associated with termite infestations:

  • Signs of Termite Infestation:
    • Discarded Wings: Flying termites, also known as swarmers, shed their wings after mating. Finding discarded wings near doors, windows, or other entry points can indicate a termite presence.
    • Mud Tubes: Termites construct mud tubes, thin tunnels made of soil and saliva, to travel from their nest to a food source. These tubes can be found along walls, foundation walls, or crawl spaces.
    • Wood Damage: Termites feed on cellulose in wood, causing damage that may appear as hollowed or sagging wood, bubbling or cracked paint, or small holes in wooden structures.
  • Dangers of Termite Infestation:
    • Structural Damage: Termites can cause significant damage to wooden structures, compromising the integrity of buildings and leading to costly repairs or even structural failure if left untreated.
    • Property Value Decline: Termite infestations can significantly reduce the value of a property, making it challenging to sell or rent.
    • Safety Hazards: In severe infestations, termites can weaken structural supports, posing risks of collapse or accidents.

If you suspect a termite infestation, our termite treatment program would be a perfect fit for you. Our experts that provide Ft Lauderdale pest control FL residents swear by, will conduct a thorough inspection, confirm the presence of termites, and implement effective treatment strategies to eliminate the infestation. Our reliable technicians that execute the Ft Lauderdale pest control FL residents need, may use methods, such as liquid termiticides, baiting systems, or fumigation, depending on the severity of the infestation.

Home of the Free Re-service

At Hawx Pest Control, we stand behind the quality of our work and always go the extra mile to ensure your property receives the maximum level of protection against pests. If pest problems pop up in between your regularly scheduled appointments, we will provide an additional service at absolutely no cost to you!

The Top Ft Lauderdale Exterminator That Uses Safe Practices To Eliminate Pests

Our de-webbing service offers several advantages when it comes to pest control, such as:

  • Elimination of Spider Webs: Spider webs create an unsightly mess, give a neglected appearance to your property, and serve as a breeding ground for spiders. By removing spider webs, we effectively reduce the spider population and discourage their presence in and around your home.
  • Prevention of Pest Infestation: Spider webs are not only home to spiders, but they also attract other pests like flies, mosquitoes, and ants. By eliminating spider webs, our Ft Lauderdale exterminator helps prevent the entry and establishment of these pests, reducing the risk of infestation and the potential damage they may cause.
  • Maintenance of Cleanliness: Spider webs can accumulate dust, dirt, and debris over time, making your property look dirty and unkempt. De-webbing by experienced exterminators Fort Lauderdale FL residents trust helps maintain a clean and hygienic environment, contributing to the overall cleanliness of your home.
  • Access to Hard-to-Reach Areas: Our Ft Lauderdale exterminator is equipped with extension poles that allow them to reach high and inaccessible areas, ensuring the thorough removal of spider webs. This helps eliminate webs even in places that are difficult to clean by regular means.

Water is one defining factor of our subtropical climate that links most pest control issues in this area. Whether it’s our generally high humidity, rain destroying nests, causing the inhabitants to seek new shelter, or standing water attracting mosquitoes and rodents, water plays a big part in home infestations. 

Another element to pest control in the Fort Lauderdale area is the unique local vegetation that loves sun and warmth. We have species of ants that like to nest in palm trees, and our vast fruit trees draw in a lot of hungry rodents. During the colder months, those same rodents will make their way inside homes.

While pest control may seem overwhelming on the surface, there are a lot of easy things you can do to prevent pests. 

  • Simple changes like putting away uneaten food in sealed containers or closing up cracks in your foundation can really make a difference.
  • Remove debris from your yard or property, including old tires or trailers, piles or wood or palm branches, or other welcoming places insects can set up their homes

Invite us over more often: When it comes to pests like termites, for example, frequent checks keep them away. 

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Home Pest Control Solutions in Fort Lauderdale

Whether you’re currently experiencing an infestation or you’re looking for regular pest prevention services, Hawx has you covered. Pests like bed bugs and wasps are common issues in the Fort Lauderdale area, but our trained professionals have a wealth of experience in eliminating threats and keeping them away.
The Local Fort Lauderdale Exterminator You Can Trust

Our foundation treatment is highly effective for protecting your home from pests, and here’s a few reasons why it’s an essential part of our pest control services:

Barrier of Protection: Our foundation treatment involves the application of a liquid product around the foundation of your home, which creates a barrier of protection that acts as a deterrent for pests, preventing them from entering your living spaces.

Spot Treatment: We focus on areas where pests are most likely to persist, such as the foundation, doorways, window sills, exterior light fixtures, and pipe chases. By treating these vulnerable points, we reduce the chances of pest infestations and mitigate the risk of damage they can cause.

Pest Exclusion: The foundation treatment acts as a proactive measure to exclude pests from your home. By creating a protective barrier, we make it difficult for pests to find entry points, reducing their ability to invade your living spaces and cause disruptions.

Pest Prevention: Prevention is always better than dealing with an infestation, and our foundation treatment helps to prevent pest problems before they occur. By creating an inhospitable environment for pests, we can effectively deter them from approaching your home, reducing the need for costly and time-consuming pest control measures in the future.

At Hawx Pest Control, our Fort Lauderdale exterminator understands the importance of a strong foundation in any home, so we integrate foundation treatment with other pest control mechanisms to deter pests from entering your property. If you are searching for a Fort Lauderdale exterminator that will treat your property like their own, you are in the right place!

Tech Driven

Our state of the art pest control services provide the customer a fully transparent and dependable experience. You will be provided with a report following your appointment informing you on all the services that were provided.

The Best Exterminator Ft Lauderdale FL Has To Offer

Our extended barrier treatment is a vital component of our comprehensive pest control services, and here’s what you need to know about this effective treatment:

  • Thorough Inspection: Before conducting the extended barrier treatment, our experienced team performs a detailed inspection of your property. This allows us to identify areas vulnerable to pest infestations, such as entry points, nesting sites, and harborage areas. Our attention to detail makes us the best exterminator Ft Lauderdale FL has to offer.
  • 6-Foot Perimeter Protection: Our goal is to create a strong barrier of protection around your home. Our service will provide the most comprehensive pest control Fort Lauderdale Florida homeowners could ask for, where we apply the treatment products along a 6-foot perimeter surrounding the house, covering areas such as the foundation, doorways, window sills, exterior light fixtures, pipe chases, and any other potential points of entry for pests. 
  • Pest-Specific Solutions: The extended barrier treatment is designed to address a wide range of pests that are common in your area. Whether it’s ants, spiders, roaches, or other crawling insects, our treatment is tailored to target the specific vulnerabilities and behaviors of these pests. This tailored approach helps us stand out as the premier exterminator Ft Lauderdale FL residents trust to ensure that the treatment effectively eliminates existing pests and prevents future infestations.

If you are searching for pest control Fort Lauderdale Florida homeowners recommend, contact Hawx Pest Control now! We look forward to working with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We’re here to help

The Hawx general service plan is a quarterly subscription that covers several layers of protection in and around your home, over four treatment zones, in order to address most pest issues, including most ants, centipedes, millipedes, spiders, silverfish, wasps, and more. Our Quarterly Subscription General Pest Control (GPC) is the most common Service Plan we offer. On the initial service visit, your Hawx service professional will inspect and identify any existing pest issues and recommend any customized treatments that will be needed. 
In addition to our general service plan, Hawx also offers a number of service plans specific to certain pests, in the event you’re experiencing more unusual infestations not covered by the General Service Plan. This could be termites, bed bugs, fleas, outdoor pests (mosquitoes & ticks), and more.
Most of our service plans are subscriptions or recur, to make sure any pests that reappear will be treated regularly. Contact us for more information about our treatment plan options!

Hawx Smart Pest Control’s services are designed with your family and pets in mind. Our service professionals go through extensive training to ensure that all treatments are performed in accordance with the product’s labeling. Your service professional may recommend extra steps depending on your specific needs and treatments. Please be sure to ask any specific questions to your service professional.

Yes, Hawx Pest Control has locations throughout the country and our branch managers and technicians live and work in the communities we serve, providing you with local expertise. Our regional branches are backed by industry-leading technology and a national team of experts who have carefully designed Hawx services to meet your individual residential or commercial needs.

Hawx Smart Pest Control has developed an exclusive service report that is sent to you, describing the pest issues we found, the treatments we performed, the products we used, the service professional’s notes, and pictures from the service. This service report is provided for every service performed. 

As a Hawx Smart Pest Control customer, you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that if pest issues arise in between scheduled treatments, Hawx will come back and treat the issue at no additional cost.

Smart Pest Control means operating at a high level to serve our customers and the environment with care. Hawx is committed to providing customers with the best pest control experience, so we have created our own digital service report to help customers stay informed of the services performed at their property. Hawx is also committed to sustainable pest control solutions. Hawx is leading the industry in green initiatives, including operating a fleet of hybrid service vehicles and partnering with One Tree Planted—where one tree is planted for each new customer to Hawx.

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