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A Guide to Rodent Pest Control

A single gray rat looks out of a ragged hole in a cardboard surface.

Rodents are one of the most harmful and unsanitary pests you can have in your home—scurrying around, spreading disease, damaging property, and disrupting your sense of security. They can carry several diseases, cause structural damage to your home, and create unsafe conditions for children, pets, and family members. If you suspect you’re dealing with a rodent problem, the professionals at Hawx Pest Control are ready to help. Our friendly experts are skilled at eliminating pest infestations and helping you restore order and cleanliness to your home. Read this guide to discover how we handle mice and rat problems from start to finish.

Looking for a solution to your rodent issues? Choose Hawx Pest Control and make sure the job is done right the first time. Dial (888) 372-9514 today to schedule an inspection and first treatment appointment.

What is the best pest control method for rodents?

The best method for pest control is to take preventative measures to keep rodents from entering, coupled with continuous management of potential problem areas and entry points. Cutting off access, exclusion treatments, and setting baits in high-traffic areas are the most effective solutions for rat and mouse control. Following that, regular efforts to manage and prevent rodent infestations will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

After we treat an active interior infestation with our advanced rodent services, we schedule follow-up services as needed until there is no longer evidence of an interior infestation. Hawx believes diligence and entry point management are the best interior solutions, while exterior traps and bait boxes keep new rodents from entering. We don’t place bait boxes or rodenticides on the interior of our customers’ homes because they can lead to rotting rodents in the walls, further complicating the problem. Our priority is always the health and safety of our customers and their families.

How does rodent treatment work?

As part of our standard General Pest Control service, Hawx Pest Control conducts a thorough inspection for rodent activity during our walk-through, checking for signs of chewed materials, rodent nests, or rodent droppings.

Our standard rodent service also includes installing and monitoring bait stations outside your home near areas that our team has assessed as potential entry points. These baits are accessible only to rodents, keeping children, dogs, and cats safe. We check these exterior bait stations each season as part of a standard GPC (General Pest Control) service program.

Our advanced rodent service is the treatment option if you already have an active interior rodent infestation. The service includes an internal inspection where our teams determine the species of rodents and their preferred food sources, nesting sites, and frequently visited areas. Our advanced rodent service includes everything in our standard rodent service, plus minor exclusion work such as filling structural holes and gaps as well as placing mechanical traps as needed.

How much does professional rodent treatment cost?

At Hawx Pest Control, the cost of rodent pest control fluctuates based on the specific needs of your home. The total cost of your rodent services will depend on several factors, which would be outlined in the preliminary estimate. Rodent prevention and inspection is covered by our General Pest Control Service, while treating for an active infestation is a separate type of treatment.

Signs you need professional rodent treatment

Knowing the warning signs helps you to identify where rodents nest and provides important information to our service team. The more signs of rodents you notice, the more likely you’re dealing with an active infestation that needs professional attention. Look for these tell-tale signs of mice or rats in or around your home.

  • Droppings: Rodents leave droppings behind anywhere they travel or spend time. These droppings typically look like tiny black pellets. Rat droppings are shiny and about ½- to ¾-inch long. Mouse droppings have distinct pointed ends.
  • Odors: House mice give off a musky scent from the urine they leave behind. In a large infestation, the odor will have a stale ammonia smell that seems to come from hidden areas. This smell won’t go away until the rodents have been removed.
  • Holes: Rodents will chew small round holes and tunnels to travel to their preferred food sources and nests. These are typically found near warm appliances, pantries, or in attics. Look for small holes chewed through food containers, like cereal boxes or bags of cookies.
  • Shredded materials: Rodents use fabrics, paper, and cardboard to create nests. If you find shredded items in areas that aren’t often used, it’s a good indication that rodents have been there.
  • Sounds: When the house is quiet in the morning or at night, you may notice skittering, rustling, and tapping sounds coming from your walls. The sounds typically stop for a few moments and begin again when there’s silence.

Can Hawx Pest Control help me get rid of rodents?

Absolutely! Hawx Pest Control experts have a deep understanding of rodent behavior. As the undisputed leaders in rodent pest control and management, our friendly and professional teams are ready to help restore peace and order to your household. Our General Pest Control and rodent service options provide protection from the outside to the inside. We use multiple rodent control methods to help address rodents and prevent future infestations. Call us today for your free estimate.

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