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How to deal with rodents and pests in your warehouse

A smoothly-running warehouse relies on streamlined processes, and disruptions from pests can cause major problems. Warehouse managers and operators have unique pest management challenges due to the size of the facilities, the amount of incoming boxes, and the number of warm, dark places for pests to hide and nest.

What attracts pests in warehouses?

Depending on what you stock in your warehouse, your potential pests will differ. For example, a facility that stores automotive parts will have different concerns than a warehouse that stocks packaged food items. Below are some of the most common areas that pests will target in a warehouse:

Cardboard Boxes

Most warehouses stock products in boxes, and the cellulose fibers in these boxes are prime targets for cockroaches and rodents like mice and rats.

Garbage Area

Even if your warehouse doesn’t store food products, pests can find their way in and eat garbage that employees leave in the break room, kitchen, and office garbage bins.


Your facility can be sparkling clean, and you may still see pests like flies and cockroaches. If that’s the case, try to remember the last time that you cleaned out the sink and floor drains. The buildup that lurks in your drains is normal, but it does attract pests. It’s possible to clean this buildup using a scrubber designed for reaching into drains, which will help reduce the reasons pests have to hide in your drains.

Stored Items

 If your warehouse stores any food items, beverages, or sweet liquids, you may see ants or flies that are attracted to the sugars, but even non-food items can attract rodents and cockroaches looking for places to nest.

Other Pests

Molted husks and egg casings can attract other critters that feed on the byproducts of insects. With all the places in warehouses where this debris can hide (think the top of shelves or dusty rafters), it’s essential to stay on top of cleaning in your warehouse.

Signs of warehouse pest infestations

Educate your staff about common signs of pests to help manage unwanted intrusions before they become larger issues:

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