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Keeping your office pest-free is essential for office managers. Pests not only have the potential to spread disease, but infestations are disruptive to productivity and employee well-being.

How to deal with rodents and pests in the office

Pests can vary slightly based on location and climate, but many are equal-opportunity invaders. Rodents like mice and rats find their way into warm office buildings in search of food and shelter. Bed bugs generally enter an office from an employee with a bed bug problem at home or through used furniture or donations. Of course, Cockroaches are resourceful creatures whose bodies fit easily in cracks and crevices—and they can cause problems no matter how clean your office is. Lastly, anywhere there are spills, crumbs, or the potential for a steady source of food, you may find ants.

Whenever you suspect any of these pests in your office space, call Hawx Pest Control to come in to inspect, treat, and recommend preventive measures specific to your situation.

What attracts pests in offices?

You may not think of the office as a hot spot for pests, but, just like a home, there are a number of things that can lure critters like mice and cockroaches into your building.
Here are a few places to keep an eye on to prevent pests in your office:

Cardboard Boxes/Stored Paper

Cardboard boxes and paper can attract pests that feed on cellulose fibers or rodents prone to nesting in dry, quiet places. Regular inspection and pest management services can help prevent infestations in these areas.


Office garbages are a popular hub for pests to set up camp. Empty garbage bins regularly to lessen the likelihood of flies, ants, and rodents coming in.

Sink & Floor Drains

Sink and floor drains can collect puddles of water that attract cockroaches and other pests. Clean drains frequently and take care of leaks ASAP to make your office less attractive to critters.


Food on top of desks, in desk drawers, or in break rooms can attract pests like rodents and cockroaches. Ask employees to safely store food in closed containers, throw out anything unused, and to clean up their work spaces.

Common signs of pests

Even if you don’t see a rat skitter across the floor or a cluster of cockroaches scatter when you turn on a light, you could still have an infestation hiding in your office. Here are a few signs that indicate you’ve got a pest issue on your hands:

Pest Control Services

Do you have pests in your office? Hawx Pest Control offers commercial pest control services for large and small office buildings alike. Our reliable technicians use innovative tools and products to address current infestations and help prevent future issues from taking hold. We assess your unique situation and create a treatment plan tailored to your building. If pests come back between treatments, so will we — at no charge to you.

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