Daniel Baldwin, BCE, CCFS, CP-FS


Current Role and Credentials

Meet Dan Baldwin, Vice President of Technical & Training Services of Hawx Pest Control Services.

Dan was named VP of Technical & Training Services in October 2021 and has more than 25 years of experience in professional pest management. He’s a board-certified entomologist, a licensed California Operator for the Structural Pest Control Board, and a registered Environmental Health Specialist and Sanitarian, certified in QualityPro GreenPro. He has served as a Chairperson on the Board of Directors for AIB International—a training and auditing organization that focuses on food safety—since 2018.

As the Vice President of Technical & Training Services at Hawx, Dan uses his decades of industry experience to set the standards for pest prevention, specializing in product and process development.

Dan Baldwin & the Hawx Team

Dan Baldwin has been in the pest control industry since 1995, serving in areas including distribution, manufacturing, and service. As an integral part of the Hawx Team, Dan develops standard operating procedures (SOPs), selects products, and manages and performs quality assurance.

“The bigger thing, and what I am really excited about, is the training side. We are really trying to modernize how we view the training of technicians,” says Dan. He’s focusing Hawx on building career-oriented training and education programs that help inspire a new generation of pest control professionals. “We want to build long-term employees who are on a career path.”

His role as Chairperson on the AIB International Certification Services Board bolsters his ability to keep Hawx at the forefront of the industry. AIB is dedicated to performing GFSI Certification audits for the global food supply chain. Their purpose is to elevate safety and integrity throughout the food supply chain, offering certification services for food manufacturing, packaging, storage, and distribution.


Dan believes in a holistic approach to pest control that looks beyond addressing the pests and gets to the root of what causes infestations in the first place. His dedication to this holistic approach helps elevate Hawx to an unmatched level in the pest control industry.

“If you don’t take a holistic approach to removal, the results will be short-lived,” he says. “You can’t just eliminate the pest that is there now. You must evaluate the circumstance of the [pest’s] environment and find the answer to questions like how they got in, where they went, and what they can potentially eat.”

Relying on decades of experience and his deep understanding of the habits and cycles of pests, Dan is focused on approaching pest control with a foundational knowledge of the impact insects and arachnids have on your ecosystem. “Insects and arachnids are only pests when they are entering our homes and businesses or causing damage,” says Dan, “Otherwise, they play an integral part in the health of our ecosystem.”


Dan has been involved in the production of many publications on the subject of pest control through the Holistic Pest Prevention Research Institute. He has authored publications such as Environmentally and Socially Responsible Pest Management Practices and has developed Holistic Pest Prevention – The Evolution of Professional Pest Prevention™ and Situationally and Geographically Attenuated™ (SaGA) Pest Prevention Programming.

Dan’s publications work to further educate and inform the pest control industry of holistic and ecologically responsible methods for control, management, and technical training.

Previous Experience

Dan was the Director of Technical Services, Training, and Regulatory Services for Terminix from 2019 to 2021. Before that, he served as Senior Scientist, Restaurant Food Safety at Taco Bell Corporate, managing the company’s pest control and regulatory compliance efforts for over three years.

He was Technical Projects Manager at Steritech from September 2009 to February 2016, designing and developing new protocols and programs as directed by the VP of Technical Services. From March 2006 to September 2008, Dan was a Sales Representative at Syngenta and worked to develop and present training programs in various pest control topics.