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How to Get Rid of Spiders in Your Bedroom

March 24, 2023

By Daniel Baldwin, BCE, CCFS, CP-FS

Finding spiders indoors is common, but that doesn’t make it any less alarming. Spiders in your bedroom can startle you and create safety concerns due to the potential bites. This quick guide will explain how to keep spiders out of your bed and bedroom, possible reasons for their presence, and what to do when you find them.

Why is my bedroom full of spiders?

Spiders typically like to build their webs in small, dark places, and bedrooms can provide several suitable spots for them. Under the bed, between the wall and headboard, and spaces beneath nightstands are just a few places you may find them. Closets are also a favorite hiding place for spiders, as they often provide a dark and undisturbed space during the daytime.

Spiders are predators that feed off smaller insects, so if you regularly find spiders in your bedroom, you likely have other insects there, too. The cracks and gaps around windows, balcony doors, and the exterior structure of your home can let other pests in and tempt spiders to follow them. 

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Why do I keep getting spiders in my bed?

Spiders aren’t usually drawn to beds but may sometimes crawl across them. If you frequently find spiders in your bedding, they may have webs close by, such as under or behind the bed or even in the gap between the box spring and bed frame.

Are all spiders venomous? 

Most spiders have venom glands they use to stun and kill their prey. However, many species won’t bite humans, and only a small number of the ones that do will actually harm you if they manage to bite. Black widows, tarantulas, and brown recluses are among the most common venomous spiders in the U.S., but even these spiders are unlikely to bite you unless they feel threatened.

Is it okay to have spiders in your house? 

Assuming the species aren’t poisonous, you don’t need to worry about having one or two spiders in your home. In fact, spiders can provide natural pest control benefits. However, if you have poisonous species in your area, learning how to prevent spiders in the bedroom can be important.

Although it’s generally okay to have a few spiders in your house, many people aren’t terribly comfortable sharing space with them.

How to get rid of spiders in your bedroom 

Follow these simple tips to get rid of spiders in your bedroom.

Vacuum regularly

Use a vacuum in your bedroom regularly to pick up any living or dead insects that might lure spiders. Use a hose attachment to clean under the bed, beneath, and behind other furnishings.

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Wipe down surfaces

Wipe off all surfaces in the bedroom and closet. Clean these areas once every week to reduce the risk of attracting pests and the spiders who feed on them.

Eliminate hiding spots

Locate dark spots where spiders could hide and find ways to fill them in. For example, you can place socks between the bed frame and box spring, push furniture closer to the wall, or use clear plastic to cover openings beneath the molding on furniture. Consider using night lights to reduce the darkness if you have a walk-in closet. 

Clean away webs

When you find webs indoors or around your home, vacuum them up or clear them out. Many types of spiders stay nearby to their webs rather than living directly on them, so regularly eliminating webs may encourage them to leave.

Turn off outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting can attract moths, mosquitoes, and gnats to your home, which may in turn lure spiders to feed on them. Using outdoor lighting fixtures near your bedroom only as needed is best. Motion-activated flood lights can be an effective way to provide security while alleviating pest control concerns since they only turn on when triggered.

Contact a professional pest control company

If spiders in your bedroom are a constant nuisance, contact a pest control company experienced in spider treatment. Licensed pest control technicians can locate nests and webs you may miss and identify potential entry points. They can also develop a treatment and maintenance plan to address spiders and make them less likely to return.

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How do I stop spiders from coming into my bedroom?

It may not be possible to entirely prevent spiders from getting in your bedroom, even when following these tips. However, you can further reduce the risk of them getting inside by:

  • Using screens on windows
  • Installing screen doors on your balcony
  • Replacing failing window seals
  • Removing clutter from around your home
  • Keeping your grass mowed and landscaping trimmed
  • Fixing cracks and gaps in the structure of your home
  • Cleaning regularly to remove dead insects
  • Managing other pests in your home like flies and ants

Experienced pest control technicians can provide you with personalized advice on how to keep spiders out of your bedroom.

Spider pest control services 

Spider infestations can be difficult to deal with on your own, but Hawx Pest Control is ready to assist you. Our licensed technicians know how to locate spiders and identify their species. Then, they will select the most advanced tools, technologies, and products to deal with your home’s specific type of spiders and even treat outdoor areas if necessary. Our technicians can also share prevention tips that can help keep spiders out of your bedroom in the future. Call us today for a free estimate so you can get back to having peace of mind with a bedroom free of these crawly pests.

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