De-webbing Service

Our De-webbing Service removes webs and nests on the exterior of your home, eliminating nesting sites and restoring your home’s beauty. Using a special dewebbing tool, we remove webs and nests from your home’s eaves, roofline, doorways, porch, patios, bushes, light fixtures, garage, and anywhere else webs are spotted. A thorough De-webbing Service eliminates spiders and other pests at the source, while also making your home look nice.

Extended Barrier Treatment

With Hawx, your protection doesn’t stop at your foundation. Our Extended Barrier Treatment provides an additional layer of protection. Targeting pest vulnerability areas, we make applications selected specifically for your property to create a six-foot barrier of protection around the structure of your home. This helps us eliminate pests before they even get close.

Foundation Treatment

Our Foundation Treatment creates a barrier of protection around your home. Using advanced products and technologies, we apply a liquid treatment around your home’s foundation to stop pests dead in their tracks. This treatment eliminates pests around the perimeter and prevents them from ever entering your home.


Each Hawx General Pest Control service begins with a full inspection of your home’s exterior. This is the most important part of the service. In addition to identifying any active pests, we inspect for areas vulnerable to pest activity, noting all potential nesting sites and entry points around your home. Performing a thorough inspection helps us customize our treatment methods to ensure that your home is fully protected.

Yard Treatment

Our Yard Treatment is one more way that Hawx goes the extra mile. Because certain landscape features are more vulnerable to pest activity, we take the time to inspect your yard and proactively treat problem areas. By targeting flower beds, tree bases, and other areas that are known to attract pests, we help you take back your yard from pest invaders. With Hawx on your side, your home and yard can stay yours.

Crack & Crevice Treatment

Our Crack & Crevice Treatment is designed for all those small, hard-to-reach places that pests take advantage of in the structure of your home. To make sure we get even the smallest pests, we apply a dust product to gaps in your doorways, windows, utility penetrations, weep holes, bricks, stone, pavement, and any other entry points. A critical part of our General Pest Control Service, this treatment ensures that even the little, easily overlooked places around your home are protected against pest invaders.

Bonus: Interior Service

While our exterior service is designed to protect the home from pest invasions so that treating the interior is unnecessary, rest assured that your interior is covered. If issues on the interior arise, we will inspect and perform any treatments that are required as part of our commitment to customizing the service we provide to the needs of each home.