Reclaim Your Yard

A yard is a special place. It’s where adults relax, kids play, pets run, and friends and family gather for a barbeque. As the weather warms up, don’t let mosquitoes and ticks get in the way. Besides threatening our health, mosquitoes and ticks are also a huge nuisance. Reclaim your yard with Hawx’s Outdoor Package. Using proven technologies and methods, our Outdoor Package is designed to rid your yard of mosquitoes and ticks during the months when their activity outside gets in the way of yours.

Barrier Treatment

Using a professional fogger, we perform a Barrier Treatment to eliminate active mosquitoes around your property.

Elimination + Prevention

Our Outdoor Package incorporates multiple control methods. Beyond eliminating active mosquitoes and ticks, our service also prevents their reproduction. Each service begins with a thorough inspection to identify the areas in your yard most susceptible to mosquito and tick activity. In addition to making applications, we offer recommendations whenever changes can be made to reduce pest activity.

Breeding Site Treatment

Next comes our Breeding Site Treatment, which targets wet areas where mosquitoes lay eggs. We then perform Liquid and Granule Treatments that target areas in your yard where ticks latch onto people and pets.