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Rodents are different from a number of other pest problems. Rodents are larger than most bugs, and they tend to eat a lot more as well. They also carry a number of different viruses and diseases that many insects don’t carry, including some that are particularly dangerous and even deadly. Rodents are also one of the most damaging pests you can have in your home. In fact, only termites tend to do more damage to homes than mice, rats, and squirrels do. And despite the fact that you might work hard and do everything you can to keep them out, rodents always seem to find their way in through some way you simply weren’t aware of. If you have a pesky rat problem or a colony of mice has moved in, look to Hawx Pest Control for a proper removal solution. At Hawx Pest Control, we know rodent problems, and we’ve seen them come in just about any shape and size. With our experienced team members and our sophisticated rodent control tools, we are prepared to handle just about any job as well. We focus on the most important parts of your rodent issue: where they are, and how they’re getting in. This allows us to not only eliminate the rodents you have, but to prevent them from coming back anytime soon. With our proactive rodent prevention services, you can be certain that your property will be rodent-free, and that’s invaluable for your peace of mind and long-term happiness. Not to mention every service we offer is also backed by our same tremendous customer service that has been trusted everywhere.

Looking for a solution to your rodent issues? Choose Hawx Pest Control and make sure the job is done right the first time. Dial (888) 372-9514 today to schedule an inspection and first treatment appointment.

Common types of rodents

One way rodents differ from other pests is that there aren’t nearly as many different types or varieties of rodents that we commonly see in homes or businesses. Whereas there are thousands of different types of insects that might be present, there might be only a dozen or so different types of rodents. Here at Hawx Pest Control, we carefully determine what type of rodent problem we’re looking at before taking action, ensuring that our methods target the problem properly and obtain the best possible results.

A few common types of rodents we deal with include:

  • House mice: small mice that generally grow to about seven and a half inches in length at the absolute most. They have lighter brown fur on their underbelly in addition to gray fur on most of their bodies.
  • Norway rats: Contrary to their name, Norway rats are not Norwegian. In fact, they’re far more American than most other types of rats, as they’re the most common type of rat found in the country. They can grow up to 17 inches in length and dense bodies with gray and black hair.
  • Roof rats: Roof rats are generally slightly smaller than Norway rats, and have dark brown to black fur. They generally only grow to about 16 inches in length, and they are superb climbers that often like to enter buildings from upper levels like the roof.

Are rodents dangerous?

Many people don’t realize just how dangerous a rodent infestation can be. In addition to carrying diseases, rodents also tend to damage things in ways you wouldn’t imagine. Rodents often chew on just about everything in sight because their teeth never stop growing. In order to keep them at a reasonable length, rats and mice will chew on everything from structural wood to electrical wires to plumbing lines and everything in between. Rats and mice cause millions of dollars in damage every year, and even a single mouse or rat can cause some seriously expensive damage to your home. To keep them away and prevent them from damaging your home, we recommend keeping your property clean. That means removing the trash when it becomes full of food waste, using your garbage disposal whenever possible, and always making sure your trash is sealed with a tight-fitting lid that prevents odors from escaping.

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