Everything You Need To Know About Termite Swarmers

April 15, 2020

By Hawx Pest Control

Subterranean termites are sneaky. It isn’t their fault; they’re wired that way. The only termites in a colony that eat the wood of your home are worker termites, and those little wood-eating workers prefer to live in absolute darkness. When they attack your home, you’re not likely to see them. They’ll consume the wood inside your home to as much as a few millimeters from the surface without revealing themselves. However, every spring, something magical happens. Many termite colonies in North Carolina release termite swarmers. Unlike termite workers, swarmers are drawn to light. So you may see them out in broad daylight. Unfortunately, there are a few ways swarmers can elude detection as well. Let’s take a look at them.

you might not know you're looking at a swarmer

If a tiny insect with long white wings were to land on your skin or appear on the outside of your home, would you be able to identify it as a termite swarmer? There are a lot of insects in the world. You might think that itty bitty, white-winged insect is something other than a termite. If you do, you’ll miss an important warning sign that your home could be being destroyed.

  • A termite swarmer is only about ⅜ of an inch long, including the length of its wings.
  • The wings of a swarmer stack on top of each other and are round at the tips.
  • The wings of a swarmer hang over the end of the swarmer as much as the length of its body.

Whether you see a swarmer by itself or with a thousand of its best friends, you’re going to notice their wings. They are the prominent visual characteristic of a swarmer, setting them apart visually from many other insects.

If you see swarmers flying around in the air, you might not be able to easily see the characteristics of their wings. But there are only a few insects in North Carolina that swarm together in the air. When you see insects swarming on your property, take a closer look. If you can’t determine that they are swarmers, you should reach out to a licensed professional to have an inspection performed. 

you might not see those swarmers

When termite swarmers appear inside a home or business, they leave little doubt that there is a serious pest control problem that must be addressed. But swarmers rarely exit their nests indoors. Most of the time, swarmers exit their nests and swarm around outside, and it can be difficult to catch them doing this because swarms only last about thirty minutes. That is the amount of time it takes the swarmers to select a mate and begin to disperse. After the dispersion, the pairs of termites (queens and kings) will search for a spot to establish a nest. If a couple enters your yard for the purpose of making a nest and starting a family, you’re going to have a hard time seeing those two ⅜ inch-long insects before they tunnel into the soil and disappear from sight.

what swarmers mean

Often, the appearance of termite swarmers in large numbers means there is a mature and active termite nest on the property or near the property. This is because termite swarmers don’t travel far from the nest that produced them. If you’re lucky enough to see swarmers, contact a certified termite control professional immediately.

quality termite control

Subterranean termites are extremely destructive insects. When you see swarmers (or long before you see them) contact Hawx Pest Control to get your North Carolina home protected. We use industry-leading termite control solutions that you can trust to safeguard your equity and protect your retirement savings from the harmful impact of these wood-destroying organisms.  

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