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Apartment Building Pest Control

March 15, 2023

By Daniel Baldwin, BCE, CCFS, CP-FS

Do you own or manage an apartment building? With several entrances, lots of connected pipes and ducts, and many tenants who may live in varying degrees of cleanliness, apartment buildings have their own set of pest problems. Learn how to address current infestations and stay ahead of pests in the future.

How to deal with rodents and pests in your apartment building

Apartment building managers have many variables to consider when it comes to pest control. 

  • Multiple entrances, garage doors, and dozens of windows are all entrance points for insects, both crawling and flying. Keeping all of these in good working order, including fixing any broken windows or screens, is almost like a first level of defense.
  • Lots of people come and go each day, bringing in packages, boxes, and in some cases, used furniture from other places, meaning that pests can easily hitch a ride into your building. 
  • Because all units are independently cleaned by tenants, but they’re all connected by hallways, ventilation, and shared walls, it’s especially difficult to inspect and then treat pest infestations. 
  • Moving days are their own risk factor. Cockroaches and rodents love to munch on and live in cardboard moving boxes; your doors will likely be propped open for several hours at a time; and new furniture is entering your building. One couch infested with bed bugs can not only cause an infestation across one living space, it can spread across an entire building if left unchecked.

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What attracts pests in apartment buildings

With so many people living under one roof, there are plenty of reasons pests are attracted to apartment buildings.

  • Food – Pests are attracted to food that’s been left out, spills, and crumbs. Ensuring tenants properly dispose of their trash and responding quickly to broken refrigerators will help avoid pest issues from spoiled food.
  • Sink and floor drains – Drains in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry areas are prime targets for pests like flies and cockroaches if they’re not cleaned regularly. Scum and water buildup in drains can be a food source or breeding area for pests.
  • Garbage – Dumpsters are hotspots for pest infestations, making proper cleaning and regular garbage disposal essential for pest control in apartment buildings.

Common signs of pests

While regular pest control maintenance is key to preventing infestations, you can watch for these signs to stay on top of pests in your apartment building. 

  • Specks on walls or floors – Cockroach excrement looks similar to specks of ground black pepper or coffee grounds.
  • Egg casings – Cockroaches leave egg casings behind when they breed. These casings are small, pill-shaped, and light tan to white. 
  • Dots on mattresses or bedding – Bed bugs leave excrement that looks like tiny, dark brown dots on the fabric. While this often occurs on mattresses, bed bugs can infest other furniture.
  • Chew marks — Mice and rats leave chew marks on food packaging and chew through walls to create entry points into apartment buildings and units.  

Pest control services

Partnering with Hawx Pest control for your commercial pest control needs gives you the benefit of local expertise backed by a nationwide, industry-leading name in pest control. Hawx professionals use state-of-the-art tools, technology, and products that handle current infestations effectively. If you’re interested in ongoing treatment, Hawx offers multiple plans to help prevent pests in your apartment building year-round. 

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