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Condo Living: How to Get Rid of Spiders on Your Balcony

February 02, 2023

By Daniel Baldwin, BCE, CCFS, CP-FS

Spiders can easily find corners and other spots on your outdoor balcony to make their web and settle in. Most spiders are harmless pests, but that doesn’t mean you want to share your outdoor space with them. If you’re looking to deter spiders from your balcony, read these tips.

Why do I have so many spiders on my balcony?

Spiders will build their nests wherever they’re likely to find their food. Balconies are great for spiders because they have hidden spots and corners where spiders can build webs without being disturbed. 

What attracts spiders to my balcony? 

Spiders are primarily attracted to your balcony because that’s where flying insects (their prey) tend to flock, looking for their own food and human blood to feast on. There are plenty of undisturbed areas where they can build a web and wait.

Certain types of balcony plants also attract spiders. Humans rarely touch or move potted plants on a balcony, providing spiders with a perfect place to anchor their webs and catch insects. The soil in your balcony plants also provides a prime spot for spiders to lay their eggs. The protected, warm dirt conditions give spider eggs a safe place to grow and help them hatch.

Lights on your balcony space at night draw insects to it, which in turn attract spiders to your terrace. Clutter on your balcony also gives spiders other spots to hide and spin webs if these items aren’t often touched or moved around.

How to get rid of spiders on your balcony

There are some ways to help keep spiders off your balcony, but calling for help from a professional, like Hawx Pest Control Services, is the most effective method. 

Homeowners can also help by:

  • Keeping the balcony free of food and crumbs that attract insects. 
  • Keeping clutter to a minimum, giving spiders fewer opportunities to spin webs. 
  • Turning lights off at night to keep flying insects away.
  • Monitoring certain plants on the balcony that attract spiders and insects.

What smells will keep spiders away?

The odors of chestnuts and mint are natural repellents for some types of spiders. You can place some of these essential oils in a diffuser on your balcony to see if it helps keep spiders away. In cases where you’re seeing many spiders on your balcony, it’s better to call Hawx for professional services.

How to get rid of spider webs on a balcony 

One of the most ‘hand-off’ approaches to removing spider webs from your balcony is to use a vacuum cleaner. Suck up the webs during the daylight hours when you can clearly see that you’ve removed all parts of the webs. 

Another method is to attach a rag or paper towel to the end of a broom or long stick and whisk away the web parts. Using a long object will allow you to reach high corners and spots you can’t contact with a vacuum.

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When to alert your landlord or property manager

Contact your landlord or condo property manager if you’re concerned about a spider infestation. Most communities contract with pest control services to help address spiders and other invasive critters on your property. 

If spiders are hiding in your balcony plants and you bring the houseplants indoors when the weather gets cold, this invites the pests inside your home. 

Spider pest control services

Contact us any time of year at Hawx Pest Control, where we focus on helping you feel comfortable and safe in your home. Our friendly, experienced technicians conduct a thorough inspection for spiders and other pests. Our service providers will remove spiderwebs and employ a mix of high-quality products and expert techniques to keep spiders from disturbing you.

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