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How To Deal with Rats and Mice In The Warehouse

March 20, 2023

By Daniel Baldwin, BCE, CCFS, CP-FS

Regardless of the size of the warehouse or the types of products stored inside, most warehouses have one thing in common: the potential for rodent infestations.

Mice and rats in the warehouse

With goods constantly coming in and out of warehouses, the odds that certain critters will enter the building are high. Some of the most common rodents infesting warehouses are house mice, Norway rats, and roof rats. These creatures can hitch a ride on trucks, pallets, and boxes or simply enter your warehouse the same ways that they enter a home, through cracks, holes, or under shingles. 

rat peeps out of a hole in a box

Know the signs of rodent infestations

If you spot one mouse or rat, there may be more nesting in your warehouse spaces — often unseen except for the telltale signs they leave behind. 

Here are a few signs to look out for if you suspect you’ve got a rodent problem:

  • Rodent droppings: Droppings from mice are tapered at both ends and usually measure ¼” or less in length, while rat droppings are rounded, shiny, and at least ½” long in size.
  • Bite marks: Mice and rats will gnaw on items as they search for food sources or hone their incisor teeth. They’ll leave bite marks that are visible on wood, cardboard, plastic, food packaging, and other storage containers.
  • Grease marks: As rats scurry around, their oily hairs can leave dark greasy tracks behind.
  • Noises: If it’s quiet enough during a warehouse inspection, you can hear rodents squeak as they communicate with one another — in addition to their scurrying steps as they hide from humans. 
  • Nests: Rodents in warehouses create nests in wall spaces, inside false floors and ceilings, behind or under warm machines, and near food sources.

Rodents pose a health risk in warehouses

Rodents in a warehouse pose a major threat to cleanliness and the products in the warehouse—not to mention employees’ health. They can also cause damage by chewing on electrical wires and breaking into containers to nest or search for food.

These critters can be carriers of several diseases that can spread to humans through touched surfaces, contaminated food, or other contact methods.

Learning how to get rid of rats and mice in the warehouse improves worker safety, keeps your products free from rodent damage, and protects your business’s financial interests. 

nest house rats

How to get rid of rats and mice in the warehouse

One of the best ways to prevent rodents from entering your warehouse is to care for the structure of the building(s) and to seal up any entry points. Start by keeping doors and garages shut whenever possible.

Food or food crumbs are bound to attract rodents, and a good rule of thumb is to ban food in the warehouse. Ask staff members to keep food in break rooms and beverages in closed bottles that remain tightly shut when not in use. Clean up food and water spills immediately.

Inspect any packaging for damage before storing it in the warehouse, and reseal or discard faulty packaging. Damages packages or spilled liquids within your stored items could attract any number of pests, including rodents.  

Finally, don’t let stagnant water collect anywhere on the property, as rats (not to mention cockroaches) are attracted to puddles, leaky pipes, and drains. 

Pest control solutions for warehouses

Taking proactive measures to keep your warehouse free from rodents is an ongoing task, but Hawx is here to help. The professionals at Hawx Pest Control provide the necessary services to address rats and mice in the warehouse and help protect against future infestations.

Our customized services are individualized to meet your needs, with a manager assigned to each of our commercial clients. We thoroughly inspect your warehouse property so we can tailor our services to target your specific issues and identify nesting sites.

The treatment process at Hawx Pest Control includes creating a thorough barrier around your structure and its foundation to keep rodents from getting inside. We use a three-fold process, high-tech tools, and quality products to manage infestations. And if pests return in between our treatments, we will, too — at no extra cost.

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