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How to Keep Mosquitoes Away from Your Pool: Top Pest Control Tips

June 08, 2023

By Daniel Baldwin, BCE, CCFS, CP-FS

Having a backyard pool allows you to cool off on a hot day and splash around with friends and family. Unfortunately, it can also mean getting bitten by mosquitoes. If pests are making it difficult for you to fully enjoy your pool, this post will give you valuable tips for reclaiming your space from pesky mosquitoes.

Do swimming pools attract mosquitoes? 

Female mosquitoes like to lay their eggs in or around standing water. They may seek out puddles caused by poor yard drainage, rain barrels, clogged gutters, damp tree stumps, and containers like planters that have collected rainwater.

Pools are also a source of standing water that can attract mosquitoes. While it is true that the chemicals used to treat pool water tend to make swimming pools less attractive to them, it’s still possible for pools to attract mosquitoes.

Mosquito standing on water

Can mosquitoes live in chlorinated pools?

Mosquitoes are unlikely to lay eggs in pools that are well-chlorinated and disinfected. However, if you don’t carefully monitor chemical levels—which can easily drop too low—the pests may take advantage of the situation, leading to eggs and larvae in the water.

Why are there so many mosquitoes around my pool?

If you see many mosquitoes around your pool area or end up with bites after you spend time by the pool, the pests may have a nesting site nearby. Mosquitoes seek out cool places like bushes and trees to nest. It’s also possible that larvae hatched in standing water near your pool or that females laid eggs that hatched and grew into mature adults.

Remember, standing water in items like pool toys, puddles, or decorative structures can be all a mosquito needs to lay eggs.

How do I keep mosquitoes out of my pool? 

The following mosquito prevention guidelines can help you minimize the risk of the pests breeding in or feeding around your pool area. Follow these tips to help keep mosquitoes at bay:

Practice proper pool care

Test the chemicals in your pool water daily and keep the levels within an ideal range to discourage mosquitoes from laying their eggs. Follow the directions on your pool care products for the best results.

Keep your pool filter running

A recirculating pool filtration system can be essential in swimming pool mosquito control. Females prefer standing water, so keeping the water moving may help prevent mosquitoes from making themselves at home. You should leave your filter system on whenever you have water in the pool, even if no one is swimming.

Use a cover

Putting a cover on the pool when you’re not swimming will reduce the risk of attracting mosquitoes. Inspect your cover regularly, and replace it if you notice any holes. 

Store pool toys securely

Pool toys can collect water and become an attractive breeding site for mosquitoes. Dry them off after use and keep them in a tight-sealing outdoor storage bin to lower the likelihood of mosquitoes in your swimming pool.

Maintain your landscaping

Giving the pests fewer cool places to nest can help cut down on mosquitoes around the pool. Trim bushes and plants regularly, and mow your lawn often.

Eliminate standing water

Your pool may be only one of many sources of standing water in your yard. Look for wet spots in landscaping, tree stumps, barrels, pots, and other things that may have collected water. Empty them and take steps to address the problem. This may involve altering your landscaping, cleaning your gutters, or storing items upside-down.

Run a fan

When you’re enjoying a day by the pool, use fans to increase airflow. Not only will this help you beat the heat, but it will make it more difficult for mosquitoes to fly toward you and attack you.

Pest control services

Following the above tips can help reduce the risk of mosquitoes around your swimming pool—but if you have an active infestation, call Hawx Pest Control for the best mosquito treatment. Our licensed pest control technicians identify both nesting and breeding sites and use state-of-the-art technologies and tools to address infestations. Even if you don’t currently have a problem with pests in your pool, our team can perform preventative treatments to lower the likelihood of mosquitoes making your pool a breeding or feeding ground.

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