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Invaders of the Night: Navigating Nocturnal Cockroach Issues in Raleigh

September 12, 2023

By Rachel Maldonado

If you’re a resident of Raleigh, you’ve got so much to be grateful for. This gorgeous city is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from both the beach and the mountains, and it’s one of the best places to live in America.

Unfortunately, humans aren’t the only ones who appreciate everything Raleigh has to offer. In fact, you may have noticed an uptick in cockroaches, particularly at night. 

Many species of cockroaches are more active at night – but the good news is that you don’t have to share your home with these unwanted guests. 

Looking for Raleigh cockroach control tips? Here’s our best advice to get your cockroach problem under control for good. 

Why is Raleigh Cockroach Control Necessary?

Cockroaches are known mechanical carriers of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens that can cause many serious diseases. Some of the health problems include asthma, allergies, and other respiratory diseases, such as bronchitis and pneumonia. They also carry pathogens that can cause salmonella, typhoid fever, and other foodborne illnesses. These pests can contaminate your food and eating utensils, spreading harmful germs around your home. 

Cockroaches are also a common trigger for asthma symptoms, especially in children. Studies show that the droppings and body parts of cockroaches can cause asthma attacks, respiratory problems, and allergic reactions. These allergens can float through the air, making symptoms worse for those with asthma or allergies. 

Finally, remember that cockroaches are not only hazards to human health, but they are also destructive pests. They can damage your property by chewing through  paper, and fabrics and possibly wood,to create hiding places and burrows. These pests can create nasty smells, leaving behind unsightly droppings, shed skin, and more.

Signs of Cockroach Infestations

One of the most telling signs of a nocturnal cockroach infestation is the presence of their droppings. These tiny black or dark brown specks are often found in areas where cockroaches are most active, such as behind appliances or in kitchen cabinets. 

As cockroaches grow, they shed their skin multiple times. These shed skins can often be found near their hiding spots and may look like small, empty shells. If you start to see these around your home, it’s a good indication that cockroaches are present.

One female cockroach can lay up to 50 eggs at once, so if you start to see small, shiny brown casings around your home, it’s time to take action. Egg cases can be tucked into hard-to-reach areas and may appear either brown or almost translucent (these are the newly hatched roaches).

If you notice a musty or oily odor in your home, it could be a sign that cockroaches have set up shop. While the smell alone isn’t proof that you have an infestation, it’s worth investigating further, as it could be a sign of cockroach activity.

Of course, the most obvious sign of a cockroach infestation is actually seeing them scurrying around. Cockroaches are most active at night, so they may be harder to spot during the day. However, if you notice them in broad daylight, it’s a good sign that their population is quite high.

What to Do to Prevent and Deal With Cockroach Infestations

Even with regular cleaning, some homes are more prone to cockroach infestations than others. But don’t despair! There are many steps you can take to prevent and deal with cockroach infestations.

1. Keep Your Home Clean

The best way to prevent a cockroach infestation is to keep your home clean and tidy – yes, even though cockroaches can still invade when your home is spick and span, cleanliness is your first line of defense.

Cockroaches love to hide in dirty dishes, food crumbs, and trash. Make sure to clean your kitchen appliances, sweep the floors, and take out the trash. Cockroaches can even survive on just a few small crumbs and grease stains, so be thorough in your cleaning efforts.

2. Seal Up Entry Points

Cockroaches are small and can fit through tiny cracks and holes in your walls and floors. Seal up any gaps or holes with caulk or other sealant materials. 

Pay special attention to areas around pipes and electrical outlets, as these are common entry points for pests. You can also use weatherstripping to seal any gaps around windows and doors.

3. Keep Food and Water Sources Under Control

Cockroaches need food and water to survive, so cutting off their access to these resources can go a long way in preventing infestations. Make sure to store food in airtight containers and keep your countertops free of crumbs and spills. Fix any leaky pipes or faucets to reduce any standing water in your home.

4. Use Baits and Sprays

If you already have a cockroach infestation, there are a variety of baits and sprays on the market that can help eradicate the pests. 

Baits work by luring the cockroaches with a food source that has been infused with insecticide. Sprays can be used to kill cockroaches on contact. Make sure to carefully read and follow the instructions on any products you use, and consider consulting with a pest control professional if necessary.

5. Call in the Pros

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, cockroach infestations persist. If you’ve tried everything and are still struggling with cockroaches, it may be time to call in professionals. A licensed pest control expert can assess your home and recommend treatment options that are safe and effective. 

They can also provide ongoing preventative services to keep your home cockroach-free.

For The Best Raleigh Cockroach Control, Contact Hawx

Hopefully, this blog post has given you some insight into dealing with cockroach infestations in Raleigh. Prevention, early identification, and professional treatment will ultimately go a long way in keeping your home pest-free. 

With Hawx Pest Control’s experienced exterminators and customized treatment plans, you can be confident that your home is in the best hands possible. 

Contact us today to join our growing family of satisfied customers – and say goodbye to your cockroach problems of yesterday. 

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