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Itchy Bites and Sleepless Nights: Find the Most Effective Treatment for Bed Bugs

March 24, 2023

By Daniel Baldwin, BCE, CCFS, CP-FS

Bed bugs are blood-sucking insects that can bite people as they sleep. Unfortunately, these pests are difficult to detect until they’ve already bitten you. And once bed bugs have invaded your home, managing them on your own can be challenging. Keep reading to learn the most effective treatments for a bed bug infestation. 

What’s the best treatment for a bed bug infestation?

The specialists at Hawx Pest Control utilize the best bed bug treatment methods available. After a thorough inspection, our highly trained technicians use a powerful vacuum treatment to remove any live bugs you can visibly see. We follow this by applying specialized liquid products to the infested areas. Dust treatments may also be used to target spots that are difficult to access.

pest control specialist removing bed bugs with a specialized vacuum cleaner

Will bug spray kill bed bugs for me?

Consumer bug sprays only kill the bed bugs you’re able to see, and bed bugs can even be resistant to some of them. The most effective way to treat bed bugs is to call a professional pest control company. 


You can vacuum your bed, carpets, upholstered furniture, and draperies where bed bugs might hide, then throw the bag away in an outdoor trash can. Vacuuming won’t eradicate bed bugs, but it could reduce the number of bedbugs in the home.


Place infected bedding, clothing, or other items in a dryer with the heat set at 113°F for at least 90 minutes to help kill bed bugs. Additionally, bed bug eggs must be exposed to a temperature of 118°F to die. 

You can also set a steam cleaner to 130°F  to treat carpets and furniture as long as the device doesn’t have a forceful flow of air that will make the bed bugs scurry away.

Keep in mind that dryers and steam cleaners won’t eradicate any nesting bugs, and the insects can re-infest your home even after you’ve gotten rid of some of them with heat. This management technique may be worth trying until professional help is brought in.

Person with yellow gloves steam cleans a pillow on a chair

Is there a permanent way to get rid of bed bugs?

Contact a pest control company like Hawx to manage your infestation and get rid of bed bugs. Here are some things you can do to avoid future visits after our professionals have addressed your current infestation. 

  • Cover your mattress with a bed bug protection encasement
  • Steam clean your carpets and other fabrics often.
  • Be wary of bringing used furniture into your home. Check second hand items for bed bugs before bringing them inside. 

Signs of a bed bug infestation 

Some signs of a bed bug infestation can include:

  • Seeing small reddish stains on your mattress or bed sheets
  • Waking up with red bite marks on your skin
  • Tiny dark spots that indicate bed bug excrement 
  • Finding pale yellow skins (the shedding body of a young bed bug) or tiny white eggs 

Close up of a bed bug infestation in a mattress

How long do bed bugs live? 

Bed bugs can live for 6-12 months. During a bed bug’s lifetime, the female lays as many as 500 eggs, at a rate of up to 3 eggs daily. As the bed bugs multiply, the infestation can become even larger and more difficult to manage.

What attracts bed bugs into a home? 

Bed bugs are mainly attracted to places where they can find warm shelter, blood to feed on, and carbon dioxide emitted by humans breathing. These insects often enter homes by hitching a ride on suitcases, bags, boxes, furniture, clothing, and other items that people inadvertently bring with them without realizing what’s hiding in the crevices, seams, and cracks. 

Pest control services 

The anxiety of living with a bed bug invasion, paired with the itchy bites they inflict, requires the assistance of professionals who can address the issue so you can sleep peacefully again. Contact Hawx Pest Control for a free estimate if you believe your home has a bed bug infestation. Our expert technicians will use the latest tools and technologies to treat your infestation and offer personalized advice on preventing them from returning to your home. 

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