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Mosquitoes 101

August 17, 2021

By Hawx Pest Control

As surely as you schedule some time outdoors, you know that mosquitoes plan to join you. They seem to know how to find your family outing, outdoor party, or anyone working outside. However, only half the mosquito population wants to bite you. Only the females need a blood meal that allows them to lay their eggs. Believe it or not, their ability to find you has scientific reasons.

knowing what attracts mosquitoes to your home

Stagnant water appeals to mosquitoes as a life-giving force. Hatched in it, they return to it to lay their eggs. Even a minimal amount of water provides all they need, and you can find it in more places than you may imagine. Rain gutters that never drain entirely and flowers with vase shapes can hold plenty of water.

You can greatly reduce the mosquito presence in your yard with a thorough extermination program. When you follow up by removing anything that holds water, you can cut down on the objects that attract them.

  • children’s toys
  • buckets
  • discarded tires
  • garbage can lids
  • garden tools and supplies
  • pet bowls
  • plastic tarps
  • tree holes

learning what attracts mosquitoes to people

Aside from a love of water, mosquitoes have preferences that seem to draw them to certain people. Some of the appeals come from things that people cannot change about themselves. Mosquitoes prefer blood type O far more than any other, and nothing can change that. If your body runs a little hotter than others, you may become a preferred target.

Women tend to draw more mosquitoes during pregnancy. Studies cite the amount of exhaled carbon dioxide as a cause and elevated body temperatures and increased circulation. In addition, mosquitoes like sweat, another condition that you probably cannot change. However, many other ways to avoid attracting mosquitoes can make your outdoor life more pleasant.

watching what you wear

Dark colors provide more of an appeal than light shades. Mosquitoes’ vision allows them to distinguish the difference even from a distance. Floral-scented colognes, lotions, and perfumes increase your attraction to them as well.

choosing food and drinks to avoid bites

If you prefer high-salt content foods and those rich in potassium, they may help mosquitoes locate you. The lactic acid that your body releases after intense exercise tends to attract them too.

Your skin can provide an attractive landing spot when the alcohol you drink produces a chemical that appeals to them.

understanding the threats

The itching and red bumps that a mosquito bite produces can result from your skin’s allergic reaction to its saliva. However, bites have many more consequences. They can transmit viruses that create malaria, encephalitis, meningitis, and other severe health conditions.

west nile virus

As the most frequently occurring disease mosquitoes transmit, the West Nile virus starts appearing in the summer and lasts through fall.

maintaining a mosquito-free yard

Constant defense against mosquitoes lets you maintain control of your yard. A professional eradication program that starts with an inspection can identify the trouble areas that cause most problems. Treatment of breeding sites that mosquitoes like to frequent can make control possible.

When not flying or bugging you, they like to rest in a cool, shady place. The underside of leaves on your shrubs and trees provides a perfect refuge from the heat, and tall grass protects them as well. You may extend the benefit of professional treatment by removing anything that holds water, including low areas of your yard. Then you may want to decorate your landscape with plants that repel mosquitoes and bring beauty as well.

  • Citronella grass or Lemongrass – While not the same plant, both have scents that mosquitoes do not like.
  • Catnip – A plant that pleases cats can repel mosquitoes.
  • Marigolds – Producing a bright spot of color, marigolds grow quickly. Even better, their distinctive odor can make your mosquito population want to go elsewhere.

If you need more assistance keeping mosquitoes out of your yard and away from your home, then contact our team at Hawx Pest Control; we would be happy to help!

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