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What Attracts Mosquitoes to Homes?

May 23, 2023

By Daniel Baldwin, BCE, CCFS, CP-FS

Mosquitoes are among the most common household pests across the U.S., turning your fun family night into an uncomfortable and itchy evening indoors or out. But what exactly is causing mosquitoes to find your home and yard appealing? Many everyday items can up the number of mosquitoes drawn to your home. Read this quick guide to discover why there are so many mosquitoes in your house and how to deal with them to restore peace and fun to your favorite spaces.

What attracts mosquitoes into homes? 

Nectar, blood, and water attract mosquitoes to homes. While a mosquito’s primary food source is blood, they are known to feast on nectar. Water draws in mosquitoes because they need water in order to lay eggs. Properties with a lot of standing water or flowers attract mosquitoes the most.

Mosquitoes are constantly searching for sheltered, cool spaces out of direct sunlight. In particular, mosquitoes congregate in areas of your property shielded from the sun during the blazing midday heat. Mosquitoes like to hide in weeds, especially when they’re near standing water. If you have a yard with tall grass or untrimmed bushes, these are also things that attract mosquitoes and invite them to set up shop. 

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Do plants attract mosquitoes? 

Plants that attract mosquitoes are typically strong-smelling flowers that give off a heavy floral scent. This doesn’t mean you have to remove all plants and flowers from your yard to avoid mosquitoes. Instead, be selective when choosing which plants to introduce to your landscaping. Or, if you really love pretty-scented flowers, plant them away from your pool, treehouse, garden, patio, or other areas you want to ensure mosquitoes aren’t congregating. 

What scents are mosquitoes attracted to? 

The smells that attract mosquitoes include perfumes, air fresheners, deodorants, and other natural and artificial scents that tend to be sweet and strong. Candles and room sprays can cause mosquitoes to enter the house, especially if you have gaps in your screens or doorways that allow easy access. To reduce the number of these biting pests in or around your home, avoid using scents that attract mosquitoes. Skip lighting candles or using strong room scents when you have your windows open, and try to minimize the number of scented products you use, like lotions and body sprays, when spending time outdoors.

Are mosquitoes attracted to a particular blood type?

According to a 2021 study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, evidence suggests mosquitoes are attracted to some human blood types more than others. Mosquitoes are more attracted to around 20% of humans and those people get more bites than others. Several genetic factors seem to affect this tendency, the major influence being blood type. People with Type O blood are most likely to have mosquitoes land on them. Type B blood is the runner-up, and Type A is 50% less likely to get a mosquito bite than Type O.

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How to keep mosquitoes out of your home

You can take several steps to prevent mosquitoes from entering your home. Knowing why the mosquitoes are loving your space and doing a bit of preparation before the spring and summer will help keep your indoors comfortable and mosquitoes away.

Keeps doors and windows shut 

While a lovely spring breeze can be calming and peaceful, if your doors and windows aren’t sealed properly, you could end up with mosquitoes inside. When mosquitoes are prevalent, keep your doors and windows shut. Or, if you like keeping them open, make sure you have fly screens on any window or door you’re opening.

Remove standing water

Mosquitoes like standing water because it’s the perfect breeding ground for rapid reproduction. Walk around your property and remove any standing water. Purchase bird baths and water foundations that keep the water circulating. Remove divots, empty flower pots, or kids’ toys that can collect water after rainfall.

Use mosquito nets 

If you love spending time on your porch or patio, consider installing mosquito nets. The fine mesh keeps the breeze and cool temperatures accessible while preventing mosquitoes from finding their way to people inside.

Pest control services

The best way to handle a mosquito problem is to hire a professional pest control service, like Hawx Pest Control. We offer safe and affordable extermination for your current issues and preventative treatments to address potential threats before they happen. Our friendly team focuses on ensuring the highest-quality results, leading to a safer and more reliable outcome. Call us today for a free estimate to get your pest problem under control.

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