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Orlando Year-Round Battle: Pest Control Tips for Every Season

November 01, 2023

By Rachel Maldonado

Orlando Year-Round Battle: Pest Control Tips for Every Season

Living in Orlando can be heaven. It’s known for its warmth and year-round sunshine (as well as its multiple attractions and activities to enjoy!).

But you know what’s not so attractive? Bugs and rodents.

Living in Orlando could quickly turn into a nightmare if you’re living alongside pests. Because this city is known for its warm and humid climate, it’s attractive to all kinds of different pests that encroach on residential areas. 

And unfortunately, that’s true year-round. Are you ready to kick those pests to the curb – from spring to winter and everything in between? 

Here are some tips for seasonal pest control in Orlando – and some tips on dealing with the most common bugs in Florida no matter what time of year it might be. 

Identifying the Most Common Bugs in Florida

If you live in Florida, your first step in seasonal pest control is understanding the most common bugs you might find in your home. Let’s take a closer look:


Cockroaches are some of the most common bugs in Florida, and they can be found in many households. They thrive in hot, humid climates and tend to live in dark, damp areas like kitchens and bathrooms. 

They are known for their ability to multiply rapidly, making them challenging to get rid of once they infest your home. There are two common types of cockroaches in Florida – the American and the German cockroach.


As is the case throughout much of the country, ants are prevalent in Florida, and they’re known to invade homes searching for food and water. 

The most common types of ants you can find in Florida include pavement ants, Argentine ants, and Pharaoh ants. They often form long trails in search of food and can damage your property by excavating through building materials and living within building walls or voids.


Florida is home to several spider species, with some even being venomous. While most spiders are harmless, it’s good to know how to identify them properly so you know which ones to avoid. The most common venomous spiders in Florida include  widow spiders and the brown recluse spider, both of which can inflict severe and painful bites.


Termites are a homeowner’s worst nightmare, as they can cause extensive damage to your home. These pests feed on your property’s wooden structures. The most common types of termites found in Florida are drywood and subterranean termites.


Last but certainly not least, Florida’s warm and wet climate creates a suitable breeding ground for mosquitoes. These small but noxious pests thrive in damp environments. They’re known for spreading diseases like West Nile virus and Zika virus. 

Because of this, mosquitoes can be a significant threat to your health, so it is essential to take preventative measures to keep them away.

How Do the Seasons Affect the Most Common Pests in Orlando?

Now that you know what some of the most common pests you might find in Orlando are, how do you go about getting rid of them? Most importantly, how do the seasons impact them?

Unfortunately, not as much as you might think. Unlike colder parts of the country, where many pests disappear during the snowy months, that’s just not the case in Orlando. 

For instance, spring in Orlando is known for its warm and humid weather, which can bring out various pests such as ants, termites, and bees. 

Summer is another prime season for most pests in Orlando, especially mosquitoes and cockroaches. The heat and humidity create the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes, in particular. 

Fall in Orlando is a relief for some, as the humidity and heat begin to ease up. However, fall is also the time for rodent infestations. As the weather cools down, rats and mice begin to seek shelter in warm places such as homes and businesses – as do many insect pests.

Finally, winter in Orlando is the least pest-infested season, but it is not without its challenges. During this time, bed bugs, ticks, and many other pests become more prevalent as they seek warmth in homes and businesses. With more people traveling during the winter holidays, bed bugs can spread easily from hotels to homes, too.

Because of this, it’s important to be vigilant for pests year-round if you live in Orlando. We’ll tell you how to do this below!

Seasonal Pest Control Tips for Orlando

To help you keep those pesky pests at bay, we’ve prepared a list of seasonal pest control tips for Orlando.

Winter Preparations

Winter brings some relief from the buzzing insects, but it doesn’t mean it is time to neglect pest control altogether. As temperatures drop, rodents and other pests (including the insect ones!) seek shelter inside your home. 

To keep them out, take the time to seal up any cracks and crevices in your walls, floors or ceilings. If you can, move wood piles away from the house, too, as they can attract pests like termites. Check the window seals, as gaps can allow pests inside. If you find any damage, use sealant to cover it up.

Spring Cleaning

As temperatures start to rise in the spring, insects start to flourish once again. You should take this opportunity to deep clean your home and remove any food or debris that may be attracting pests. 

Vacuuming regularly will help get rid of any pests or their eggs. You can also use sticky traps for insects like spiders and ants to give you an idea of the extent of a possible infestation.

This is also a good time to inspect for termite activity – contact a professional pest control service if you find any signs of infestation, or better yet, plan ahead for a professional preventative inspection. 

Summer Solutions

Summer is the time when the pests come out in full force, particularly mosquitoes. To keep them out of your home, you should use screens on windows and doors. Also, set up fans to create a breeze that deters mosquitoes – they cannot fly well in windy conditions. 

You can also set out citronella candles or torches in the outdoor areas to keep mosquitoes at bay. If you have a pool, you should maintain it regularly as still water can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

During the summer months, be sure to do everything you’ve already been doing to keep pests at bay, like vacuuming regularly and making sure your windows are sealed up nice and tight, too. 

Fall Planning

Fall is the perfect time to plan ahead for the next few seasons, as well as to continue any preventative measures you’ve already been deploying throughout the rest of the year. 

Store any outdoor items you don’t plan to use, such as gardening tools and furniture, in sealed containers to prevent rodents from nesting inside them over the winter. 

Trim back trees and shrubs from the house exterior as they can provide a bridge for rodents to climb onto the roof. And finally, take the time to cover vents with mesh screens to prevent rodents from entering your home through the attic.

Year-Round Guidelines for Dealing With Common Bugs in Florida

Dealing with common bugs in Florida can be a headache, but it doesn’t have to be. By following these year-round guidelines, you can effectively manage pest populations and enjoy your home without unwanted intruders.

Ultimately, your efforts shouldn’t focus on just seasonal pest control, but instead on how to best manage pest populations on a year-round basis. 

One of the best ways to do this is to work with a professional pest control company that can help you identify any “weak spots” in your home – and help you safeguard these against potential intruders. Contact Hawx Pest Control today to join our family of satisfied customers. – you’ll be glad you did.

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