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How to deal with pests in your food processing facility

Managers and owners of food processing facilities may find themselves struggling to manage pest populations and stay in compliance with the sanitation and pest management procedures outlined in the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

But don’t worry — Hawx Pest Control is ready with expertise on how to manage pests and what to expect when you call in the pros.

Common pests found in food processing facilities

Although your pest control strategy will vary depending on location and time of year, some pests are a year-round concern for food processing facilities. Here are the most common pests to watch out for in food safety and how to stay ahead of them:


Especially during warm spring and summer months, it’s nearly impossible to keep flies from getting inside. A dedicated strategy of keeping doors closed as much as possible goes a long way toward controlling fly populations.


Rodents will happily set up shop in your facility, leaving tell-tale signs like rubbed wire, droppings, chew marks on packaging, and even the occasional malfunctioning equipment. The best way to keep mice and rats at bay is to empty garbage cans regularly across the facility.


Cockroaches are potentially devastating to your operations—a single sighting may be enough reason for health authorities to close your facility for pest control treatment and a follow-up inspection. Filling cracks and crevices with expandable foam, keeping an eagle out for signs of infestation, and keeping drains clean are some of the best ways to keep these pests at bay.

Stored Food Pests

Stored food pests invade sacks and bags of dry foods, like rice and flour. If your stock rotation schedule isn’t tight, these intruders can spread, costing you the price of spoiled products.

Where to look for signs of pests

Because of their size, food processing facilities tend to have plenty of spots for pests to hide. Here are a few common areas pests reside in food processing plants:

Pest Control Services

The knowledgeable technicians at Hawx use industry-leading products and tools to manage commercial pest issues in your food processing facility. Your local Hawx branch will send a friendly professional to assess your pest management needs, address any ongoing infestations, and implement a treatment plan to address future infestations.

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